Roane State Community College Top Questions

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The most unique thing about my school is the size. I considered many large universities and community college just seemed right for me at this time in my life. The small class sizes make it easier to get one on one help with my teachers rather then the large class sizes at major universities. Community college has prepared me for what a larger school will be like when I transfer to a four year institute.


It is a small school (community college) so you don't feel so over whelmed.


The campus is very colorful.


Roane State Community College is unique because the students and staff have strong connections. The people at my school go above and beyond to make sure that the students are comfortable and happy. This school is perfect for students that are nervous and uncomfortable about attending college. It gives you a good preperation for attending a university in the future. The school gives students a lot of hands on time and the teachers are usually available for one on one help in their offices.