Robert Morris University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Robert Morris University is a nice quiet buiseness school and the students there are full of school spirit.


Robert Morris is a great, academically-focused school that is in the perfect location.


RMU is a place where I feel like a person and not a number; I also feel wanted and welcome there.


Robert Morris University is a little dull on the weekeneds but it's a great place to learn; the teacher, faculty members, and even janiters are all nice and they actually care.


Desolate and not that open to new things, but hard working teachers who love what they do


A great school to start your career and "Discover Yourself".


Robert Morris is a quiet, spacious campus that allows each student the opportunity to learn as long as they are willing to put in the necessary time and work.


Robert Morris University is a beautiful campus located in the suburbs of Pittsburgh providing an excellent educational and social experience to business and an expanding array of other majors.


RMU is a friendly campus that allows students to excel in their decided field by providing experienced and dedicated professors and a strong working environment.


My university has a close-knit, down-home type of atmosphere, with many friendly people who are here to help you learn and become your friend.


I actually attend Mid Michigan Community College and I really like the smaller class sizes which allows the instructors to help and know the students better.


My school is located in the friendliest town, and is basically the best because you get both parts, the close student-teacher ratio and a well known, Nationally Accredited University.


Robert Morris as a school is great, but the campus life outside of class is terrible.


My school is small, friendly, expensive, and so business-oriented that I have barely learned anything about my actual major.