Robert Morris University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


A lot of the students are from the Pittsburgh area. There are some that are from other areas of the state or Ohio. If they are from farther away, they most likely came to Robert Morris to play sports. The students are very welcoming and our faculty even comments on how nice we are to everyone (including all of the staff).


Most of the students that go to RMU are from Pennsylvania or a surrounding area. However, there are many groups of students at RMU, and I can't think of a type of student that would feel out of place here. Through student life and multi-cultural services, all types of students are represented - and if you feel as if you are not, it is easy to get support from the school to start a new club or organization.


Overall, the university is a melting pot. There are people from all over the country, some from all over the world of all races, nationalities, religions, classes, and sexual orientations and everyone finds a place to excel on campus. I don't feel that anyone would feel out of place here because there will be a group of people just like you and plenty of others who would love to get to know you. Most students are pretty relaxed and wear anything from jeans and a polo shirt to yoga pants and gym shorts to class, so there is not even remotely a dress code. Overall, political issues are only debated in class or among friends so no matter how you feel, you can join a political club, but you will not be derided for your views. Finally, when someone on campus mentions placement and potential earnings, they feel pretty confident coming out of RMU that they will excel.


It is a very diverse university


Once again, diversity is seen in this category. There are so many groups/clubs that cover all sorts of issues its actually quite impressive for the size of our school. It would be very hard for an outsider to find someone who is literally not involved in at least one group/club on campus. There is a melting pot among ideas here at RMU that are far reaching.


Students at RMU are all very similar to one another. On the average class day you will see Steeler and/or Penguins jerseys. Everyone on campus (and in the city of Pittsburgh) owns a 'hoodie' of some brand. Living in western PA you do learn the importance of hood with the cold wind and rain. People who dress professionally for class or wear expensive brands stick out and would feel the most uncomfortable on campus. Now don't get the idea that RMU is a dump, instead the general idea is dress appropriate and comfortably. With this philosophy in mind, students are not distinguished from the crowd and are more likely to interact between the groups. There are specific groups that will sit together during meals. First are the sports teams, these groups are the most exclusive and you should be a member of the team. Next are the specific majors, such as nursing and media arts, which are more open to sitting with anyone. Another option are the gamers, they sit right outside of the cafeteria and play various card games throughout the day. Last are those who don't have a specific organization, these tables are inclusive and can consist of anyone. Personally, my favorite table is the non-organization specific tables (yes, I have been a part of all, except the gamers). Those tables usually are the most fun and consist of closer friends then any others. Although, there are different tables in RMU's brand new cafeteria, the students all interact amongst each other.


My classmates at Robert Morris can be described as studious, determined, productive and full of potential.


They are all pretty friendly and most of them become my good friends by the end of the semester and throughout my college career. I can rely on most of them if I ever have a problem with an assignment in the class. Outside of the classroom, we get along just as well by hanging out and spending time with each other and being involved in campus and off-campus activities.


Most of my classmates of are major-driven and care mostly about finding a job in their field and not exploring into other classes offered at the university.


My classmates are very friendly and eager to help, all of attention is focused on group work and study sessions.