Robert Morris University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone that is hardworking and likes to have fun at the same time.


Anyone who wants diversity. Anyone who is competitive and is lookign for a great schol to compete in sports with. Anyone who does not want to be a number in class, and rather be on a first name basis with your professors.


Someone who wishes to attend a small school with one-on-one interaction with professors should attend Robert Morris University. Though the campus is large, and there are many activities to partake in, small classroom size is an advantage. It is easy for both commuters and campus residents to make friends and meet people. Robert Morris is ideal for a business student, because that is one of the main areas of study.


Robert Morris is a good school for someone looking to get into a business field. They put a high emphasis on communication skills which seem to be listed as a priority on most job and internship postings. They also put an emphasis on helping students from start to career. They begin developing skills early and continue through continuous help throughout a student's career through their career center.


Someone looking for a student-oriented school without a ton of activity, where you can focus on your work.


Any type of person should attend. It a very ethnically diverse school. It has a strong group of academic and sports related extracurriculars as well. If you cannot find something to do at RMU, you aren't looking. The classes are a little tough at times, so definitely make sure you are dedicated if you plan to attend RMU. Lastly, party animals, probably should look elsewhere, I wouldn't rate this school high on the partying potential scale.


Some one who is very dedicated and will not get distracted easily. Mt. Pleasant is known to be a little bit of a party town. I have seen plenty of students get caught up in that portion of this town and their studies pay the price.


A well motivated individual who wants to seek success for one's self.


I person who is looking just to obtain a degree and not get too involved in campus life


There's not one type of person that should attend RMU, there are hundreds. I think everyone would like it here.