Roberts Wesleyan College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Roberts is best known for being a Christian campus. It's required that we attend 22 out of the 44 chapels each semester; chapel lasts 50 minutes and it is offered three times a week. The community knows Roberts very well because students oftentimes go into the community for service projects for class and for their extra-curricular activities. We volunteer in food and homeless shelters, crisis care, churches, schools, and around neighborhoods doing yardwork.


Roberts is known for its teacher education programs and nursing. The best part is that is know for its small classes with professors that care about their students.


Roberts Wesleyan is known for education for character, service within the community, and spiritual formation. Roberts is actively involved in many service opportunitues and strongly encourages students to be involved. It challenges you to grow spiritually and further develope your charater as an individual.


They are well known for there religious studies, nursing, and music programs. Thay also have a great soccer and other sports programs. They are a small Christian school with the goals of personal spiritual growth and getting the student ready for real worl aplication.


They have an well-know accredited nursing program. That is one of the main reasons I chose it. The teachers are all really approachable and friendly. They give out their home and cell phone numbers. Several Professors lead small groups on the weekends for students to get together. They're always willing to meet outside of class with students.


My school is best known as an educational and nursing school.


My school is probably best known for being a Free Methodist Christian school. We are also known for our soccer team and our great nursing and education programs.


religion and soccer


Roberts is know for their nursing program, music program, and soccer.