Roberts Wesleyan College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Roberts Wesleyan College?


Mobility or lack there of is the most frustrating thing about this campus. As you get deeper into your academic focus area, you are more likely to have to complete some kind of field work. Some of the events are for the whole class, so transportation will be provided. Most field activities require you to find your own transportation.


The main complaint I have about Roberts is its lack of transportation for the students. There aren't any buses that can bring you to and from the city of Rochester, so if you're in the dorm for the weekend, you'll be leading a very boring life. Roberts' defense for this is that they don't provide transportation into Rochester because most of the students here already have cars on campus.


I wish it's location was a little bit closer to the city. There is not any public transportation in the town the school is located in, so unless you have your own vehicle it's difficult to get off campus.


I'd say that the most frustrating thing about my school is the use of alcohol. As a private college who claims the standards of Christ it's not appealing when people party multiple nights of the week and then complain when they get caught. It's a Christian campus and they knew that when they applied here.


There are a lot of christians at the school that don't take there walk with Christ seriously.


Because it is a private Christian school, I don't feel like there's enough diversity in opinion, opportunities, and students.


We have to attend chapel/church 22 times a semester. It is mandatory and it seems they are forcing us to go to believe in their religion. It is a big waste of time.