Roberts Wesleyan College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Robert Wesleyan College is the faculty and the students. I only have three weeks attending Roberts and I have yet felt out of place. The upperclassmen are extremely nice and helpful. If you need to find a building or simply need help with the laundry machine, they help you in a heartbeat and they do it with a smile. Roberts faculty are amazing! They are the nicest people you will ever meet! You can have a thousand questions about your financial aid, your classes, and they will be very happy to guide you through your transition.


It only has about 1800 students, so I know almost everyone on campus and the social life is great. Everyone is really friendly and it feels like one big family.


The focus on service. Christians are always talking about doing things, but students here take the initiative and actually try to make a difference by doing things.


The best thing about Roberts Wesleyan College is that it is a small christian and challenging evironment. This gives you the chance to get to know everyone, including students and professors, and provides for many opportunities to grow spiritually and academically. Roberts helps challenge you and develope your character, preparing everyone for after college.


The best thing about Roberts Wesleyan College is the people. The students, staff, and the professors are all very kind and genuine people. Just walking to class other students will smile, or say hello to you when you are just walking by them. The professors all are passionate about their classes and work hard to make it interesting for everyone. There are no students left behind here, everyone is accepted for who they are.


There are some great opportunities to get involved in and be exposed to the arts. Theatre, music and the visual arts are always around. There are musical performances by students, faculty and guests. We have an art gallery on campus with guest artist and student shows of all kinds with at least 6 different shows every school year. The community theater on campus is a great oppotunity to meet people from the area who aren't students and the student theatre program is another great opportunity to meet other students.


One of the best things about my school is that it is 10 minutes from the City of Rochester. The location is perfect for getting work done, but there are always things to do, off and on campus. Through attending this school I learned that I had the freedom to utilize the resources that the school provided. The city also offered alternative resources. There are also plenty of other colleges nearby where I was able to learn from, work with, and talk to other students in the community in addition to the community that can be found at Roberts Wesleyan.