Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are weird. But hey, aren't all of us weird down deep.


Some of the brightest and good natured young people I have ever met.


They are interesting people.


hard studying students


I wish I could, but I haven't met any of my classmates, yet.


Most of my classmates tend to keep to themselves or circle of friends.


A mix of people who have good heads on their shoulders that will be successful, some that are making some bad choices that can come back from them, and a few that won't be able to succeed with their current mindsets.


The CIAS students are very nice and are always offering up advice for us underclassmen so we don't make the same mistakes they did.


My fellow classmates here at the Rochester Institute of Technology are well rounded, supportive, helpful, creative, careful, intuitive, and active; the students and my fellow classmates all share a common goal, working toward being successful.


My classmates in the Industrial Design program are hardworking, focused, competitive but still supportive, good in group projects, fun, diverse, creative, and friendly.


The students at RIT are great. They tend to be a little weird, but in an endearing kind of way. Most of the students there are friendly and approachable, chill, and fairly intelligent in comparison to some other schools.


If had to describe my classmates I would say they were nerds.


Artists and Nerds


My classmates are helpful and very proffessional for their age.


My classmates are fun, friendly, smart, helpful and unique in their own ways.


The campus is an overall friendly and accepting school. No one would feel out of place at this school because what ever you like, we have it, if you think you are "unique" you aren't alone. This is probably the most accepting and unique schools out there.


The campus is an overall friendly and accepting school. No one would feel out of place at this school because what ever you like, we have it, if you think you are "unique" you aren't alone. This is probably the most accepting and unique schools out there.


The students are very accepting of all groups. There are many international students and also ethnic, religious, and sexuality groups on campus. The NTID component of RIT supports hard of hearing and deaf students, which make up another large portion of the student body. It is common to be in a class with such students, and have interpreters or captionists assisting lectures.


we have a very large and welcoming LGBT society here at school, we even have drag shows once a quarter. Also, the "stereotypes" range all over the spectrum, every kind of student you could imagine is here. As for races, I think I've met one person from every race that I could possibly think of, even people that have come straight from other countries. I don't think that any student could feel out of place at RIT unless they were too stuck up to make friends. Most students wear sweats, because let's face it we're a college and nobody wants to wake up and to go class at 8am. The four kinds of tables you could find in our dining hall are the all male engineer table, the all girl table, the art kid table, and the computer science table. Students come from all across the United States and other countries across the world, but a lot of the students are from New york. The most prevalent Financial background would be the more wealthy, because this is a private school and it is expensive. I personally am not from a family of money, but it doesn't really affect how I make friends.


A combination of nerds,geeks, artsy, determined, serious-minded, questionable and partying college students.


Smart people who tend to be computer geeks, but are actually really cool.


Interesting, computer oriented, helpful studious people.


Students at this school truly run the gamut. Students from almost any socioeconomic background, continent, and religion can be found. I find the student population to be forward thinking, and probably are slightly skewed to the left politically. It is incredibly easy to meet and talk with someone who has lead an entirely different life from your own. The school is also very open and curious about different groups, and I've found it a very healthy place for intelligent discussion.


There is a wide variety of students at RIT. Many different races, religions, and personalities. No student would feel left out here. A lot of people see RIT as a school for nerds, but we are well known for our hockey team too, and plenty of other sports so that even sporty people will feel comfortable here. Some students stick out at RIT, like the "free hugs" guy, or "santa hat" girl. Although the campus is large, students know one another. Some dress up for class while others wear sweats. Its not often you hear people judging another which is a great difference from my last school. Most students are from the US, mainly New York, but there are many foreign students at RIT. I personally love the diversity that RIT has. I like to learn about different cultures and meeting new people and this campus gave me the opportunity to do so.


RIT students are composed of a wide range of ethnicities that all interact and get along.


When I go to the dining hall on campus, I am bound to know at least one face. I have met friends from my dorm, from work, from my classes, from clubs, or just randomly at an event or party. I have friends who are Jewish, non religious, Indian, gamers, designers, and deaf. There is a 70/30 guy to girl ratio, so I have more guy friends. There are so many types of people at this school that I think everyone fits in.


My classmates are committed, devoted, helpful, intelligent, fun-loving and inspiring.


RIT students come from diverse backgrounds from all over the country and the world, because this is a tech school most students are tech savy at some extent. The male female ratio is getting better especially as the school has been expanding and is becoming more diverse in it's offering's of different majors. The students that typically get involved in the school spirited sports and activities are usually more social and happier, the students that don't are typically more reclusive.


They are interesting and good people.


Classmates are generally helpful, willing to answer questions, and are not disruptive; however, students in art courses tend to not speak up or volunteer opinions during critiques unless they are asked to do so specifically by the professor.


Most of my classmates are pretty cool people and seem quite intelligent. Some are a bit... off which is a part of the stereotype of RIT but I will say that I was surprised at how normal the people here seem even in spite of knowing the stereotypes were mostly untrue. By and large the people on campus are just like college students at a "normal" school, though perhaps less inhibited by the threat of being considered a nerd since everyone here is in some way or another.


My classmates enjoy gaming and partying, but at the end of the day, RIT has a lot to do with academics and the students realize and respect that.


My classmates are varied, in fact, half of the student body are deaf, so that adds a unique factor to the variety of people you'd encounter at RIT.


Each of them have thier own creative thinking and great movitation.


My classmates are individuals who are hungry for knowledge.


My classmates are very tech savvy.


Nerds, in the absolute best possible way.


Eager to learn


A lot of the classmates in the Game Design & Development degree are a bit introverted, however, they are mostly driven and creative.


A very diversified group of individuals from all across the U.S and many different nationalities in a male dominated major with very intelligent 'geek' like people but most of them were hard working and a lot of fun.


Most of them are fairly "geeky" but nice for the most part. I am in the Honors program and the Honors kids are actually less "geeky" than most of the other students here.


A fun, diversified group of students from very academic minded to not so academic minded.




RIT has a pretty diverse campus compared to most, in my opinion. We have a large international student population and a pretty large Muslim group. There are a lot of Asian students (Chinese, Korean, and Japanese) as well. RIT doesn't have a huge population of Hispanics or Blacks to my reckoning. There's a large, open LGBT group at RIT and everyone's very accepting and open. As for socio-economic diversity... it can range. A large majority of kids here are working their way through college and others are riding cushy on their wealthy parents. Most students tend to be pretty casual in dress code to class. It's not uncommon to see the weirder kids at RIT wearing odd costumes such as trench coat guy, shoeless guy, anime cat ear girl chick, and pirate hat wearing dude. As for political affiliation the great majority of RIT students are liberal lefties, but we do have many moderates as well. I've yet to meet a crazy conservative, but that might just be because I'm a computing major and most of my friends are engineers. Most students are going to be quite well off after graduating. Computing and engineer students make a hefty sum right out of college and, even in this bad economy, are having not too harsh a time finding job offers.


Students are very unique and determied within their field of study.


My classmates may vary in size, color, or race, however they all share a zeal for knowledge.


Jack Swift, a band comprised of RIT students plays an original song "River's Child".


Jack Swift, a band comprised of RIT students plays the Blues Traveler song "Hook".


This song was mostly written for humor than accuracy, but it does offer a glimpse into the culture of RIT. This was shot in my Riverknoll apartment (On the campus of RIT). This is a parody of "The Lady is a Tramp"


Most RIT students come from New York (upstate), Ohio, Pennsylvania and New England but I have met students from Washington, Texas, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and other distant locales. The vast majority of RIT students are solidly middle class. RIT isn’t particularly diverse, minus the deaf population and you hardly ever see students of different backgrounds interacting. Students here are not really politically aware of both the student government or the larger world but you can't really expect much of that at a Tech school. Yes there are creepy nerds at RIT. If you sound like the stereotypical RIT student you will feel right at home here. You can find normal people but some of it depends on luck. Be sociable during orientation since this is the only time at RIT you will not be piled in busy work. There are parties if you look (I’m not saying they are any good). You may have to lower your standards when it comes to the opposite sex. A lot of your friends may leave after the 1st quarter or year and its not that easy to meet people here.

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