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RIT has a particularly neat culture, primarily being based around "nerd culture", as indicated by RIT having its very own anime convention. The peope are also particularly different when compared to other schools. Finally, it is very career oriented, particularly in engineering and the sciences.


That photo tech class that I did not want to take. It turned out I learned more than anymore could of every thought.


It has a very open environment. As soon as I visited the school and started attending classes, I felt as though I was welcomed from the very start by both teachers and students alike.


There is a great mix of students at RIT so there is something for everyone. We have the great engineering programs but we also have really good interior and graphic design and photography programs. This really gives the school a nice mix of right and left brain thinkers, which leads to a lot of innovation and diversity that most schools dont have. It also gives us a little bit of everything in the social aspects of the school as well. We have clubs that go from ballroom dance to rubiks cube club, sporting events and robotic tournements.


They offer an extensive co-op program.


There is a large emphasis on research, and students in all majors are required to or encouraged to do coops and internships.


Every campuses have their own uniqueness. For RIT, I would say the beautiful brick buildings resembles it.


RIT is an excellent college based in Rochester, NY which has been growing in leaps and bounds. The school is continuously showing improvement year after year by adding new facilities, addressing concerns, and keeping it's faculty at the top of their game. And thanks to the schools co-op program I was able to get the job experience I needed to get a job at Kodak and a competitive wage right out of college, in a struggling economy. And even after I've accepted the job I'm still getting emails to come in for interviews months after accepting the job.


Rochester Institue of Technology compared to other school which I consider that my schools is helpful and eduation high level and help deaf and hard of hearing to guaduated college. Rochester Institute Technology is oppunities for Deaf and hard of hearing. My opinion that the student of Deaf and hard of hearing will have a lot of oppunities from Rochester Institute Technology. My school have alot of classes of acamdeny, sports, and socialize, and activity. The student will learn a lot from my school.


My major, Imaging Science. There is no other college in the US that allows students to get undergraduate degrees in Imaging Science. This multidisciplinary major combines elements of physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, and mathematics to build functioning imaging systems. Rather than be involved in just one part of a system, Imaging Scientists are designers of complete imaging systems and technology. The major is quickly expanding, and Imaging Scientists are in high demand.


RIT has a very large deaf community. Going to school here, you are living with both hearing and non-hearing people so you get to experience another way of life. Learning basic sign language is almost a necessity to communicate.


It offers a diverse and useful coop program, where students work with a company for a period of time. This is incredibly helpful for becoming connected with the industry that the student is interested in, and helps in acquiring a job straight out of college.


One major unique aspect of RIT is most, if not all, buildings are made of the exact same bricks, giving the college the nickname "Brick City". The next unique aspect is the "Quarter Mile Walk" that connects the dorms to the college complex. In reality, it is a third of a mile, not a quarter. The last unique aspect is it is one of the remaining few colleges that uses the quarter system, but it is switching over to semesters by 2013.


I decided to go to RIT for two major reasons. The first was that RIT if fairly well known for its Technological degrees and a degree from RIT would hold more weight than a degree from the other schools I was considering in the eyes of most employers. The second reason is that RIT offers more specific degrees. This meant I am able to take a Information Security and Forensics degree rather than a general Computer Science degree.


Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is very unique from other college. It is a big, great college. They have many good careers, like over 160 careers. Other college has only 100 or less. That is reason why I go to Rochester Institute of Technology. Also, they have provided interpreter for the hard to hearing and deaf, too. They have a offer high school students go to there for camp, too. If some students don’t have a good ACT or ISAT scores, RIT can allow them go to take some classes to improve.


The student body of RIT was what stood out the most. While visting the campus and looking at the people who were attending I could almost feel an aura which told me that the people who go here are going to be very successful.


The campus is a huge trait that is unique to this school. Most of the buildings are located centrally around the main walkway that goes through the entire campus. All of the on-campus housing is just a short walk away from classes and eating locations and I love the overall feel of the campus. It's not necessarily a loud party school, but when you're among the students, there's a sort of connection that we all share.


The computing facilities and labs are state of the art. There is an annual convention and an annual innovation showcase on campus, as well as a variety of stores and dining facilities.


What I like about RIT is the amount of programs avaiable on this campus. There are hundreds of clubs and activities to cover any interest you have. And in general the people here are positive and are nice people. The faculty is always helpful and if you fully utilized all of the many many programs and services available to students, you wouldnt have any problems.


One of RIT's most unique aspects is its community. Being a technical university, the majority of students aren't just interested, but passionate about technology in their daily lives. In my specific college, computing and information sciences, it's like an entirely different world than what I had been used to in high school. Everyone I have met is more of an individual than I had imagined possible, and no one is afraid to admit it. This creates comfrtable atmosphere where no one is afraid to share. At RIT, everyone is a bit weird, but so is everyone else.


We have a lot of brick on campus.


RIT is a great school for the deaf! It is a school that cares about the environment. This school values students unique ideas.


Its a very prestigous technological school as well as a very prestigious art school


Most of RIT's programs require co-op's pre-graduation. These are great opportunitues to get your foot in the door at companies that you are interested in working at post-graduation.


It's a private school with a quarter system rather than a symester system.


If you are looking for the typical campus experience, do not come to RIT.


One of the biggest NTID schools and also heavily utilize co-op programs to help students get into major companies right out of college.


RIT is very career-oriented, so almost everyone who attends this school come in immediately to a major, rather than undecided. Also, RIT prides itself in having students do required co-ops or internships, so their field experience makes them very desireable to future employers.


It is far away from my home, It is acedemically better


The relationship students have the opportunity to create with major companies from around the globe. Most majors require students to have had a certain amount of co-ops/internships before they graduate. By the time you are ready for graduation, you had a tremdous amount of experience under your belt and helps you pick out what area of interest you have pertaining towards your major. Sometimes co-ops don't work out but also gives the student feedback telling them that maybe the major/field they are in isn't right for them.


This school is home to the national technical institute for the deaf and includes 8 schools within one college. This is one place where scientists and artists thrive on the same campus! The level of acceptance of differences is great and the rochester area is a really diverse place, just like the RIT campus.


We focus mostly on technical majors but we also have a very good Art college on campus so there's a wide range of people.


RIT is very diverse. It is not a huge school, but the student population comes from across the country and around the world. There is also a large deaf and hard of hearing community which adds even more cultural diversity.


Rochester Institute is unique because it is the only college of engineering in the nation named for a woman, Kate Gleason. Also the main reason I decided to go to school at RIT was because of the co-op program. It is mandatory to have an entire year of real life job experience before you are allowed to graduate. It makes it a 5 year program but the co-ops are intregrated into your 3rd, 4th and 5th year, so when you are finished with school you are a graduate from a well known, challenging insitute with great professional experience.


RIT was the best technology school I could get into


The groeth and imporvements in both the majors, and of the school itself.


There is a very large deaf community (about 10% of students), so there are sign interpreters and note takers in most classes. Overall, it is a very diverse community.


RIT is extremely focused on the business and functional aspect of education. The college is basically separated into two different groups, the engineers and the artists. The strange combination makes up most of the jokes about the school but is all in good fun.


1) Career/industry focused 2) Most graduates all have job offers before they graduate 3) Professors incourage students to do research, on their own, and with other professors


I think we have one of the best carrer orientated programs for students. Most majors are required to have a Co-Op before graduation, which enable then to get better jobs upon graduation.


The co-op program that allows students to go on a paied internship with a company that will usually offer the student a full time position when they graduate.


I think I summed up RIT in the previous categories. Just make sure you LOVE the cold!


I think we covered a lot here. This was good.


Great for academics, but not for having a social life. And the city of Rochester doesn't have much going on year round. I live in New Orleans now, and there is so much stuff going on every weekend, you can never go bored. And Rochester isn't much smaller then New Orleans.


Alright, first off, fuck RIT's registration techniques. Yea, it makes sense to let the seniors register first, so deal with it freshmen. But, everyone has to register at 6am. Even as a senior you might have trouble logging in. As a freshmen, winter quarter, be prepared to get up at 550 and click that button until you get in. You might notice the sun rise, and well, then you might notice it set before you can register. You'll be fighting with so many other freshmen over the same classes and anything that looked good that you might have wanted, its not there. All upper class students have taken your nice classes at nice times. Have fun with your 8am physics 4 days a week. As you get a higher rank, it still sucks. I had to get up at 550am to register my last quarter because I still fight for classes and nice schedules. Why is registration at 6am? Who the fuck knows. Apparently the 90yr old administrative people here like it like that. One of you, join student government and run on the option of changing registration times. You'll will because there are few things we actually care about. Also, fuck campus safely. You might luck out and they won't care. We got a party busted and there may or may not have been 18yr old girls drinking, a keg in the back of my apartment, a hooka, a live band, and my roommate passed out before it even started, but they did tell us to blow out the candles because, well, open flames are just unacceptable. We lucked out, pray you do to. Friends of mine have been fucked with a years probation. Also, look at tuition rates when you join. That number will last fall quarter of your freshman year. They like to hike up the price rather consistently. I'm paying plenty more now than I was. As if it wasn't a pain in the ass already w/o financial aid. On another note, fuck RIT housing. Living in the dorms costs you as much as the currently best on campus apartments and much more than our cheap apartments. They're building you assholes new living quarters on my dime right now, but I'd expect those to be crazy expensive, so unless your mommy bought you a new Lexus last year, slap all the sorority bitches living there for me. On a similar note, you are in a lottery to get an apartment. Once again, the brilliant minds at RIT amaze me in that if you don't get one your sophomore year, you are actually less likely to get one the next year. I got screwed and lived in the dorms two years. Luckily, I found friends to move in with. Oh yea, fire alarms. Yea, sometimes the retarded kid sets of the alarm because he blows up the microwave trying to warm up that grapefruit he's about to have sexual relations with, but the school run drills at 3am I could do without. Getting up 2 hours early for an 8am exam is not my favorite thing. Standing out in the cold, also not so great. I don't know why they won't at least let people into another building to chill and maintain their sperm count by not freezing their spherical objects off.


After being here for 4 academic years that were stretched out over 5 years because of the co-op program, I would love to see what it would be like to go to a school that ran on typical semesters. My co-op experience is absolutely priceless because upon graduation I have over a year's worth of practical experience in my field, and that is really hard to say for most other graduates, but I really question how thorough my knowledge is and how much I will be able to apply it to real situations because I didn't get the chance to really dig into it since we only had 10 weeks to learn nearly 15 weeks worth of material. As much as I've gained from going to RIT for an education, I almost wish that I had gone somewhere else where I could have stayed on campus or driven 10-20 minutes off campus to have a good time on the weekends, rather than drive home every weekend because I found myself bored and stressed from school. I really do feel that I learned a lot at RIT, but I do have to say that I can't wait to walk across that stage, walk away and never turn back. I'll be happy when the only sign of RIT I see is the Inn and Conference Center from the Thruway when I'm driving by it...


I really do like RIT....everywhere you go, there will be ups and downs...but it is how you deal with the obstacles that life throws at you that defines your with the weather, the rigorous academic schedule, the diversity here, it's how one accepts who they are and works with their environment to succeed. Go Tigers!!!


RIT is a great school with a lot of opportunities for students. Students that are self-conscious about college life shouldn't worry, for there is something for everyone. It is easy to make friends and to find people you get along with. You will never be alone, and there is always help if you need it.


If you love anime, video games, maybe aren't the most social person, RIT is absolutely for you. You will find people like you, with similar interests. If you care about academics and a good education, you will get it at RIT. If you want a party, a lot of free time, sports, and school pride, maybe not as much as other schools but you can still find it here. RIT is what you make of it, for better or worse.


RIT is I think one of the best options out their for undergraduate education. How many school let you leave with a year of experience in your field? When I went job hunting this year, I didn't apply with all the engineering riff raff youngsters, I applied with experience. I went to group interviews and listened to students from Cornell, RPI, Carnegie Mellon, etc. struggle to come up with answers to questions about thigns they've done while I smiled at the question and discussed my last coop experience at Intel corporation.

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