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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Well, it's called Brick City for a reason. While, yes, the bricks are everywhere, you stop noticing it after a while and try to notice other things. As for the students, sure, we walk with our heads down, but that's only when we're trying to avoid the stinging wind or the blinding sun. When it comes to types of students, you'll find all of the above here, but with somewhere around 15,000 undergrads, you're bound to find a lot more, too. Students range from World-of-Warcraft addicts who are satisfied with 48 straight hours of gaming, pop and twizzlers, to those who enjoy socializing and partying every night of the week. The ratio of guys to girls is definitely guy-heavy, but guys, have no fear - depending on majors and where you choose to get involved in, the ratio tends to even out.


I would like to say no, but within the college of engineering I'm afraid it's true. However, there are many other colleges within RIT that contain a large variety of people and cultures.


No, not really. Now yes you see those people around, but most of the people here at RIT are friendly, sunshine enthusiasts so do not be to fearful, and just know you jump out of your safety zone it'll be SO MUCH better in the long run.


Somewhat - not everyone here is like that, but there are definitely people that stand out as these stereotypes.


For any situation, it depends on who you talk to. You could get some really socially inept people that can't make eye contact, or you could meet someone really cool. The woman thing is ENTIRELY innaccurate. Most of my friends are women, and most people on campus forget that there is an art/photo/animation part of RIT. Also, it shouldn't be too hard to get a date with a woman because most of the guys on campus are gay anyway. A lot of straight guys on campus just use this as an excuse to cover for their own incompetence.


Stereotypes about the boys who play WOW all day and never leave except sometimes to eat... yes - those boys exist. The boys who are awesome far outnumber those select pale few however.


Yes they are all accurate (99.8% accurate)


RIT is not a tech school. Currently going through an image renovation, RIT is becoming know as a University for Innovation. Though Technology classes make up the majority of the classes, many other classes teach non-tech material. The College of Business and Liberal Arts have the majority of non tech classes. Students who attend RIT don't always use computers either. Some in fact hate the things and do terrible in classes that require them. Most of these students however do not attend tech classes. RIT is know as the Brick City, which is an accurate stereotype. Some opinions state that the university is unattractive, but that is up for debate. Most student stereotypes are partially accurate, depending on what area of RIT you are in. While there are few females in the technical colleges, many students in the College of Liberal Arts, College of Business and the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences are in fact females. There are many deaf students at RIT and American Sign Language is like a second language here. However, the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) make up a small percentage of students at RIT. Students with pale skin, severe acne and tendencies to avoid social situations do exist, but most students are outgoing, outspoken while still attending technical classes. The term "nerd" and "geek" is not an insult at RIT and in some cases it is a compliment.


Not 100% - RIT is a place where everyone can be themselves, whether someone stereotypes them as a nerd, freak, or geek, someone else may think of them as artistic, inventive, or genius. Once you get past the fact that RIT does not look like other traditional colleges, you appreciate the amount of work it took to lay the brick on the amount of campus that exists.


yes to an extent, half of my floor stays in their room except to go to class and the other half hangs out in the halls and have their doors open all the time.


For the most part, it is true that guys are into video games a lot, but here is also a big population of more "social" gentleman out there. About the Female ratio at RIT. Even though as a whole RIT lacks female presence in its larger colleges like Science or Engineering. In the College of Business or in the College of Imaging Arts ans Sciences the reality if other. very hot and social women are available.

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