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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


RIT is a dry campus. It is in a terrible location, with almost NO bars or youth activities within walking distance. You would have to drive in order to reach the downtown Rochester "bar scene" if you'd call it that, because it's too far to walk, and the Rochester Public Transit system is god-awful. There are 2 restaurants that serve alcohol on campus, but you can only order a drink if you order food as well. Campus is often pretty dead on the weekends. Definitely not what I'd consider a party school. However, RIT is very proud of it's hockey team. Also, the RIT radio station, WITR, is one of the best in the country, if you ask me.


I think Hockey is the most popular sport on campus, but RIT encourages support for all of the sports teams by having Tiger Den Events in each sport so every team can have games with a huge crowd. If you like to play sports but don't want to play at the college level, there are also intramural sports where you can form your own team and play one of the 16 that are offered. Every year we have Homecoming weekend also known as parents weekend in October, Freezefest in February, Springfest in April, and ImagineRIT in May. Parents weekend, Freesefest, and Springfest are all on weekends and there are around four events each day with performances, guest speakers, free giveaways, and other events like 5K races. ImagineRIT is a huge weekend that brings in around 20,000 spectators from the community to see what RIT innovators (students) are coming up with. I am a part of Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity and we have fundraisers, service events, and scholarship events where we learn how to do something new that we could not learn in a classroom. Since it is an Honors Fraternity, there is a GPA requirement and academics are very important. This is how I met some of my closest friends. Getting involved in an organization or club on campus is an excellent way to meet new people. There are also social fraternities and sororities and other academic fraternities on campus. While they are not a large part of the social life at RIT, I do know a few people who join them. Clubs are also very big on campus and there is a wide variety of them, around 250. On my dorm floor, not many people left their door open, including myself. The rooms were directly across from one another so it was a little weird if both people left their doors open. I have, however, been to other floors where many people left their doors open, it really depends. Last weekend I went to the Rochester Public Market with my roommate. We drove there, but there is a bus that will take you there and bring you back. There are buses that run to downtown Rochester, and also closer to RIT to the mall, grocery store, etc.


There are a decent number of fraternities and sororities on campus. I am co-president of Lambda Pi Eta, the communication honors fraternity. In such honors fraternities, a certain GPA is required, along with community service. There is a multitude of other clubs that can satisfy anyone's interests. I have met many of my friends from my freshman year dorm neighbors and classes within my major, but also at events and parties.


Hockey,photo house, greek life, and LGBT


Hanging out in lab for several hours,trying to meet deadlines.


To start with freshman year, dorm life is great! Well it was for me anyway, I know people that would disagree but this is my impression. It is great having a random group of guys and girls living away from home for the first time together, dealing with the same type of problems and sharing their past experiences together. A large number of my friends come from my floor freshman year. The dating seen at RIT is terrible, but not hopeless. My girlfriend (who lived 3 doors down from me freshman year) and I have been seeing each other for 2 years now. But not everyone is lucky. Unfortunately, many people get frustrated and a lot even give up. But if you stay strong and don't loose hope, the opportunities do exist. Partying is always an available option if that is your cup of tea. It should never be difficult to find something going on near campus. Just be careful of priorities. I have some horror stories from freshman year concerning a few people that are no-longer students at RIT


There are so many groups and activities available to students here at RIT. I believe the largest club on campus is the Anime club where people come together to watch and talk about Anime movies and series. Also, supporting our D-1 men's hockey team is a huge thing here. There are always large crowds at Ritter arena for hockey games. The students and fans get really into it and it is always a fun time when going to a hockey game. You can see many students hanging around in the tunnels under the dorms on weekend nights, getting a late night snack at one of the convenient stores on campus. There are parties almost every weekend either at the apartments on campus of the off campus apartments. The good thing about RIT is, you do not need to drink in order to have fun. My friends and I do not drink and we have a blast on the weekends by playing videogames, card games, or just talking and hanging out.


Hockey is definitely a popular sport at RIT.


The major student organizations include Student Government, College Activities Board, LGBT, AANALA, residence life, Reporter magazine, Greek council, WITR, the campus radio station and a couple more. I'm involved in Hillel, which is the Jewish organization, Women's lacrosse, the graphic design club I work at the child day care on campus, and the cafeteria. There's so many things to do on campus. Most people go out to the hockey games on Friday or Saturday night. It's always a great time, especially if we win. Other nights I'll go ice skating, see a hypnotist, improv show, or movie, go to a dance, or party. I have been to dodgeball club, soccer games, looked into being in a sorority, tried out for the varsity lacrosse team, done community service, attended leadership retreats, and tried to work for Reporter magazine. My favorite activities of the year include Spring fest in which we get inflatables in the gym, tie-dye, snow cones, kan-jam tournaments and other outdoor activities. RIT also puts on a concert. Imagine RIT is also a really cool event. It's the innovation and creativity in which students get to showcase their work. About 10,000 people come to RIT that day. It's insane. As a girl on this campus, there are a lot of options to date people. You just have to keep an open mind and heart. The guys chances are a little slimmer - my advice is to just be friendly, but not in a creepy way. Off campus, theres a slew of chain restaurants and stores to go to. Going to Wegman's (supermarket) is always an adventure, you will always run into someone you know. There's also 2 malls close by, a dollar theatre, and the best 24 hour diner around.


Dorms are hit or miss. My dorm was completely anti-social, but others are open door and friendly. It really depends on your luck what kind of social environment you'll be in. Greek life isn't very popular at RIT. There are a number of fraternities and sororities, but it's by no means prevalent. Weekend activities for most students involve bars and house parties which get old really quick. I prefer just chilling with a group of friends now a days. Academics are tough and parties are few so if partying is your life, RIT might not be for you.


Sadly the most popular groups on campus are the Electronic Gaming Society and the Anime Club. There are plenty of other clubs on campus that are active like SEAL, the model train club, Asian Culture society and others. Deaf organizations tend to be quite active. On the whole, RIT students are not really into extracurricular or volunteering. Greek life plays a very minor role. The dorms vary wildly. In Ellingson, no one ever kept there door open, hearing or deaf but in other dorms almost every dorm was open. You don't get to choose where you live unless you want to live on a special interest house your first year. The dating scene is pretty pathetic. Most RIT men lose their ability to interact normally with women (if they even had one) around October of their freshman year. There are parties on weekends mostly around park point or colony manor. They are full of men. If you don't drink you can hang out with friends, watch a movie or play video games. Or you can study. If you have a car you can explore the bars and clubs or downtown Rochester. The only sport that receives any attention at RIT is men’s hockey. Try to go to a game if possible. There is no football team and no one really pays much attention to basketball.


the biggest RIT activity I saw wasn't attending clubs or going to sporting was drinking and drugs. Granted, the school have activities and events, and some of them were really enjoyable. However, those events only cover a smattering of days out of the year. The rest of the time students are faced with continuous days of overcast skies and constant snow, not to mention the daily quarter mile walk in the bitter wind from the dorms to the classrooms. There is no college town, no venue students can go to consistently to get away from school and clear their heads, only snow...lots and lots of snow. As a result, the most popular activity became getting together with your group of friends, and drinking and drugging yourself stupid, or at least enough so you can forget where you are and how many more years you have to spend there.


Greek organizations are pretty popular, as well as the sports teams. I'm involved with Phi Kappa Psi.We are a organization that is very involved with helping others(philanthropy), we are also involved with many other organizations on campus(CAB, Sportszone, Student Government), and we try to make RIT the best for ourselves and for others. Students in the dorms leave their doors open hoping someone will come in and won't have to invite them in. Athletic events could be more popular, but hockey takes the cake right now. Attendance for speakers and theatre are sparse. The dating scene is good, you just have to know what you're doing. If anyone needs help, they can ask me. I met my closest friends by saying, "hello." If I am awake at 2am on a tuesday I am either doing work, or relaxing after just finishing work. Each year there are Mr RIT, Mud Tug, Spring Fest, and Brick City. People party as much as their work allows. They get their work done before partying. Greek life is very important, according to administration, because they are a lot harder with disciplining greeks than any other organizations on campus. Last weekend I worked during Imagine RIT, and then I went to my fraternities formal event. On a saturday I would go see a movie, or just relax. My weeks are very busy. Off campus I see people I haven't seen in a while, and have fun. We'll go bowling, see a movie, or go to downtown rochester.


Social life is horrible, I tried to go to a variety of different events. Fraternity's have no interest in anyone it seemed. They didn't go after people, it was up to you to go to them, which is different from others I hear about. There are tons of activities going on, you just have to make time for them.


I think that Greek Life is probably the most popular organization on campus and the largest, then probably the other large Student Organizations on campus, then the Anime club and video game club are also probably the largest and most popular clubs. Yes initially people in the dorms left their doors open, but towards the end of the quarter the doors are closed more because people know each other more. The athletic events aren't that popular except for the hockey games. I think that the girls have an advantage in the dating scene here because there are so many guys and so few girls, the guys can't be super picky. I met my closest friends from my floor in the dorms, being involved in Italian Club and going to Genoa this summer, and being involved in Student Government. People seem to party pretty often here, especially in the apartments. However, there is a good chunk of people that don't party. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am probably doing home work or down the hall hanging out in one the guys room watching them throw stuff out the window and watching it explode. Last weekend I went to the movies, I went to dinner in Pittsford, I went to the drive in and, I went to lunch and dinner two other times on Sunday. Since I don't drink I would probably go to the movies, go to a play, go to pittsford, go to dinner in henrietta, or go shopping at the mall.


I wouldn't say anything is tremendously popular. A lot of people attend hockey games. Note: We don't have a football team. The gym is great if that is your things. Everything from working out to soccer nets to basketball courts etc. There are quick a few more "nerdy" clubs for video games and the like. I really wasn't interested by any of it. The dorms are pretty friendly. A lot depends on your random placement. You'll probably find friends on your floor or near by easily. The dorm itself will be tiny, but if your roommate showers, you'll be ok. RAs are usually pretty relaxed, so you can drink and all that fun stuff. Definitely be social those first few weeks. Even if you're normally shy, talk to some people because its easier sooner than later. Trust me. I used to go home every weekend to see my girlfriend and it hurt my social life freshman year. Most of my closest friends are from freshman year. If you want to smoke the good stuff, I'd recommend walking into the woods at least though. Dating, well I wouldn't try it at RIT. If you're a guy, head out to a nearby school for girls. If you're a girl, you really have your pick as of right now. For you nerdy guys who are still virgins, we do get your nerdy girl counterparts, but be prepared to fight over them. There are a lot of computer major guys and very very few computer major chicks who look good. Scrape your bacne and get your ass out there son. Welcome to the world of thirst Thursday. You'll rarely have Friday classes, or rarely go to them. Long weekend lead to social Thursdays and usually fri/sat parties. They are usually packed though, so throw your own for God's sake. Really, other than parties there isn't much around here to do. If we can't find something good, we'll veg and watch some movies, play some video games, or whatever. In the area is bowling alleys, but really, its not much.


Doors are often open in the dorms, or at least were during the only year I lived in them. Athletics for us are fairly popular. We don't have a football team, of course, but our Men's Hockey just moved up to Division 1 last year and finished at the top of their Division. My closest friends here were either the couple of people I was friends with from home that also went here, or people that I took classes with and worked on homework/studied with. Greek life on campus is fairly big. It's not as involved or prominent here compared to better known colleges, and there are more Greek organizations on campus than meet the eye. Every year we have "Spring Festival" which is a weekend where we have a fairly big concert and there are events going on outside all weekend. It's not a huge drinking fest like a lot of college's big weekends are (FredFest in Fredonia, Cortaca in Cortland or Ithaca, etc.), but there are some fun things to do. There is usually a big concert or comedian that comes to RIT every quarter for a performance and there's a pretty big range on it. We just had Panic At The Disco and Motion City Soundtrack come here last night for a big concert and a few weeks ago Paramore came here with Jimmy Eat World. A couple years ago Ludacris was here, and another time it was Dierks Bentley. Dane Cook came here before his Retaliation CDs came out, and most recently Pablo Francisco was here, and just before that it was Lisa Lampanelli.


There's something for everyone, and even if there isn't something for you, you can make something-with the new student government change to allow multiple clubs on the same subject/topic. It's great to see and nice to try new things-if you don't like it don't come back, but if you do people will be accepting so much and encourage you to come back.


The social life at RIT is hidden but great once you can find your way in. i wouldn't say there is any team, club, etc on campus that is more popular then any other team. It all depends on what group you find yourself. The athletic events are populat but based on the number of kids on campus their could be way more people here. The dating scene, well I found a boyfriends pretty quickly but I don't know how it is to be a guy here. The ratio is about 3 guys to 1 girl so i'm sure it must be a little harder for guys to find a girl they want to date. I met my closest friends here by attending a party with a sophomore i had known through the tennis team and my engineering class. I personally party usually once to twice a week usually friday and saturday night. However there have been plenty of night where me and my boyfriend just hang out and watch a movie or go see a movie. There is plently of things to do around here espcially since we are so close to just need to look.


There are a plethora of clubs and activities on campus. I saw a sign the other day for a sailing club...didn't know we had one! But the most popular teams on, track, volleyball :) A lot of athletic events are not too popular..with the exception of the hockey team. Last year when i lived in the dorms, I lived in Baker (Honors Dorm) and from my experience...just about everyone left their doors open... i loved my floor last year!!! But i have heard stories from other students that lived in the dorms where they said no one ever left...and doors were always closed. Bummer. How did I meet my closest friends? Volleyball team and through class. I am awake often at 2 on a Tuesday or any day for that matter...usually either doing homework, or surfing the web, listening to music. Some people party often, some just on the weekends. Me personally, only ever on the weekends if I do...I'm not a huge partier..but i do like the social scene. Fraternities and sororities are not that popular here, but I have heard of Zeta...if i had to join one...that would be the sorority i would join. Last weekend, I took a vacation home back to Delaware, Philly area. What can you do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking? Go party! You do not need to drink to have a good time. It's often pretty funny to see the reactions of everyone else...and often a lot of students watch movies, kick back ... some do puzzles, some have a ice cream sundae night....some do homework...but thats no fun to do on a saturday night. It's what you make of it!


I am on the hip hop dance team but because of changes instead of being one team it became two one competitive and one not. I do not like how it changed I wish it was the same as it was the past years as a club and not two separate teams.


Greek life is fairly popular on campus, but not everyone goes Greek. I am in Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity (we're coed). We are based on a tripod of 3 ideals: scholarship, fellowship, and leadership. There is no football team at RIT, but hockey is huge! Our hockey arena is packed for every game, to the point where there's standing room only. The Corner Crew (a group of students and faculty that are "loud and obnoxious at hockey games") will taunt opponents and start chants that get the whole crowd riled up. The College Activities Board is always posting events and booking entertainment, whether it be bands, comedians, guest speakers, or trips. We have 2 game halls open every night, where students can play video games, watch TV/movies, or play pool. There is plenty of stuff available on-campus, but off-campus has a lot of appeal. There are clubs, bars, restaurants, museums, parks, and plenty of shopping. There are buses that run off-campus for students who don't drive, and the price is very reasonable for students.


One thing about RIT is that the students tend to support their own activities and not always the ones that the school promotes. The hockey games sell out though, so do most of the concerts. This is still a small portion of the school though. There are lots of events, so each event draws a small crowd, rather than a large crowd. I met my closest friends either on the floor I lived in or the classes I was in. As an underclassmen I had more time to socialize on floor while as an upperclassmen my friends were the people I studied with since I spent all my time with them. A typical weekend for me is hanging out with my close friends, video games, small parties, movies, just hanging out. There is a great dollar theater nearby, the mall is okay, there is some great cultural activities in downtown Rochester too including the Jell-O museum.


There is something for everyone. Literally. A lot of kids complain but they have no one to blame but themselves. When I was in the dorms, it has about 50-50 open vs. closed door, which helped some, but it seems like the students are trending more and more towards keeping to themselves. To bad. If your a night owl though, the kids are up late VERY late. On campus, there's always something to do, and it really ranges. It could be a LAN party, it could be a normal party, it could be a speaker, an art exhibit...yea the list goes on. This week I went to a party, worked late on a project, attended an art opening on campus, hung with friends went out to eat, went to a movie, and went to a 2600 meeting (don't ask).


Again look above..i swear i tell all. Activites eh, lots of guest speakers though..actually a shit ton. Greek life definitley goes on but no that awesome. and yes a good portion party and a good portion LAN party


Social life can be as good as you want it to be. Floor friends are very common and a lot of floors are very tight "families"... if your more the partying type there are plenty of parties but you have to know people and be able to get off campus for the most part. But the overall social scene isnt anything to rave about but there is one


There is no social life period.


RIT has a ton of events. The College Activities Board brings in speakers, comedians, bands every quarter. There are movie screenings ever week, as well as some smaller band or comedian every week. Some of the bands this year were, Rhianna, Paramore, Jimmy Eats World, Jack's Mannequin. Some of the comedians we've had are John Stewart, Dan Cook, Carlos Mencia. I always go to some of the GLBT events, because they have Drag Shows, and competitions. With 160 different clubs there are always events on campus to go watch or participate in. Students love to party probably every 3 weeks are the biggest parties, after we have midterms. If you like hockey, RIT is a great school. If you enjoy football, well go to the RITZ (bar on campus) and enjoy watching other colleges play. Lots of students get involved with either greek life, or sports on campus. I chose a sports team instead of a sorority, but many students do both.


Hockey is the most popular. It is our only Division I sport, and I feel that it really brings the school together. I am in the pep band, so I attend most of their games. Dating: NO! Mostly guys, so they say that all the girls are taken. Music: We had a musical last year, it was fun. Generally, the music program is not very great though. How did I meet my friends? Through my major. At 2am on a Tuesday, I am either studying or sleeping. There are fraternities and sororities, but you do not have to be a part of them. I feel that they take the people that want to drink away from campus, which is a plus for me! I do not drink. Saturday, I was probably hanging out with my boyfriend watching a movie, after a long day of homework.


What are the most popular groups/organizations/clubs/teams on campus? Im not really sure. There is Greek life but they were pushed off campus. Tell us about a group you’re involved with. I was involved in the Student literary magazine. I recommend getting involved in something as early as possible. Do students in dorms leave their doors open? No How popular are athletic events? Not Guest speakers? Bill Clinton. Nuf Said. Theater? If there was one i'd like to know. Tell us about the dating scene. Hot guy on guy action. Not enough women. Not enough places that could have parties on campus. How did you meet your closest friends? They were the people who lived with me freshman year. If you’re awake at 2am on a Tuesday, what are you doing? Watching Basketball with my roommate or studying. What traditions/events happen each year? Brickfest. What is that? How often do people party? Twice a week if possible. How important are fraternities/sororities? They are somewhat important but the parties they had were mostly off campus because RIT is a dry campus. How Stupid!!! What did you do last weekend? I have a job now. Im not in school. What can you do on a Saturday night that doesn’t involve drinking? Watch Anime What do you do off campus? Drink and Drive.


Geeks are cool here! Anime club is the biggest in the country. The religious clubs get a lot of people. Because we are home to NTID, the deaf tech school, we have deaf ethnic clubs such as the deaf Asians and such. Uniqueness is what makes RIT really great. Sports arent too popular but the new president is trying to change that. If only the student body responds.... Frats arent too much of a big deal, and parties arent well attended either. My friends and I go bowling often. Lame, but cheap and fun.


geeks leave doors open. athletic events not at all popular. guest speakers arent. theater isn't. dating scene, too much PDA. all attractive people are taken. met closest friends from dorms. homework if awake. don't know any traditions except rush week. party at least 4 nights a week. fraternities/sororities don't mean squat. last weekend i went home. study if not drinking, or go to lame oncampus event. drink off campus/have fun.


Boring, unless you consider LAN and videogames sufficient to qualify as a "social life".


what activities or social life? without being on a sports team or greek life or deaf you are screwed if you're normal met friends through sports awake at 2am on tuesday = beer pong party all the time greek life is stupid at rit


Hockey team. Used to be on the men's soccer team. Majority of the team seemed to be on the team for social reason's, i.e. partying. Others were more academically focused and low key. All loved the game itself, just different motivations for being there. Many students have their doors open because the R.A.'s advocate this. Hockey events are very popular, other sports are not nearly as popular. Guest speakers and theater are not very popular at all. For students looking for someone to date, there are opportunities. Many students are socially withdrawn, and therefore come across as not really looking to date. Through people living on my floor freshman year. Homework. Brick City festical, hockey games. Every other weekend, or once every 3 weekends. on average. Frats and sororities aren't very important. Last weekend I went to a hockey game, went to a bar, went to a friends party, and did homework. Homework! Go to the bar.


Most popular grrrroups. Hmmm…. The Intervarsity Christian organization is pretty big. The electronic gaming society is also hideously rampant… go figure. I am involved with the Triathlon Club. We’re smallish, but we’ve got dedicated followers. Open dorm rooms varies from floor to floor. Predominantly male dorms (or all male dorms) tend to be highly anti-social. Either because they’re socially awkward kids playing World of Warcraft all day, or they’ve left to hang out in a more interesting place. Dorms with a better male/female mix will be more social, I’ve found. Athletic events are… well, male hockey is pretty big. That’s about it. Guest speakers can draw in a good crowd. I once saw three auditoriums full for one dude (they had to do a live broadcast). I haven’t kept up with theater. I’m pretty sure they bring in a decent amount of folk, but the RIT Players don’t get much support from RIT in general. What dating scene? It’s a sad, sad, sad state. My closest friends I’ve met through classes. 2AM… on a Tuesday. Either asleep (because it is very rare), or in the labs doing work (not so rare). Dunno, don’t care. People party often. Very often. But you’re not obligated to go. We won’t judge you for being a prude. Frats and sororities are only important to themselves. The rest of us don’t give a cheese. Last weekend I organized an indoor triathlon with over 100 people, participated in it, went out to eat with friends, then promptly fell asleep. That was Sunday. The day before, a friend and I put on 40 t-shirts each then played tennis in a parking lot. We went out to a movie shortly after that. You can go bowling, go to the dollar theater (best place ever), play board games, or… do school work. That’s always popular. Go to bars, watch some local shows, go the movies… stuff like that. When the weather’s nice, we go biking, maybe go to the beach.


CAB - im in the Business Leaders of Tomorrow, special interest house focused on getting freshman adjusted to college with students and a background that they can relate to. - some but not all - hockey is biggest but everything else is moderate - there are some weird couples on campus, but its a lot, its a lot of singles too - we lived on the same floor - watching tv - finals and spring fest - every wknd - they are quite important to those who are interested - i partied - go to a party and not drink - party


im involved with SAAC we work to promote athletics on campus. althletic events are getting more popular but are not as popular as they should be. If im awake 2am on a tuesday im working in the lab all night. my closest friends ive met through the tennis team, on my freshman floor, and animators who stay late in the lab. people party every weekend. last weekend i made dinner at a friends house and ran the indoor triathlon and met with my group about our animation project we're doing on our own. watch movies, go bowling, play games, or sleep.


Hockey is life here haha...dorm life was pretty good to me....i've heard horror stories though....if i'm awake at 2 am, i'm living my normal, potentially nocturnal learn to live on little sleep at this school....i love it though :)


I used to leave my dorm door open when i lived there. Like i said before if you want to meet people you have to put yourself out there. I play IM hockey, softball, dodgeball, volleyball and soccer. I did rock climbing here. I go to lots of events on campus. If im up at 2 on a tuesday im either doing homework or getting drunk. Frats kinda suck here. Its a dude school anyways, RIT is a frat. I party off campus, hockey games, and movies.


So like I said the majority of my time, I spent in the 3d lab hanging out with other animators working. If i wasn't there, I was probably at the barn climbing and hanging out. I liked that RIT wasn't crazy about the Greek life, it's there, but not in your face. You could almost not notice it for most of the year. My biggest problem was lack of time. I would have to kinda schedule time to hang out or go drinking with friends. I squeezed it in, but it was tough some times. Dating is a bit tougher at RIT as a guy. The weren't as many women as men generally so it was kinda tough for me at least. Not to say I never got a date or anything. It just wasn't like the movies and you can go for a while with out having a girlfriend. Sucks, but hey it lets your spend more time on your thesis.


People only really go to hockey games, but our new president is pushing for student spirit to grow, and has already made an impact at basketball games. Fraternities and Sororities are around, but they dont seem to do anything more than fundraise for charities on the quarter mile. I play sports, and have never had trouble getting a group of guys together to play soccer.


College Activities Board Not sure


College Activities Board Not sure


Hockey and Lacrosse in Athletics are very popular and well followed groups. Students do leave dorms open and have a very loose attitude about locking doors. Some of our other sprts events are not attended often, but we are moving towards more spirit. Traditions are athletics formal, speakers around leadership. People party often. Some dont at all, but Rochester and the surrounding areas are built for social life.


I met my closest friends through sports teams here at RIT. The athletic program is great and it has been my number one social activity here at school.


hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. im on the tennis team. we are such a small team which brings us closer together. sometimes they leave their doors open. hockey games are very popular. not so sure about guest speakers and theater, or the dating scene. i met my closest friends from the tennis team. playing on my computer/ procrastinating. brick city weekend and spring fest. Every weekend people party. frats and sororities dont seem to be too important here. last weekend i worked and then hung out with friends at night. bowling and play wii. shopping or go home


I'm involved with RIT Singers, Swing Dance Club, RIT Players, and the RIT Orchestra. There's quite a bit of theater to be involved with or see, if you're interested. There are also deaf theatre opportunities available. I went to a swing dance in downtown Rochester last night, and had a great time. The RIT Singers are wonderful - most of the guys in it are in a capella groups on their own, so the lower voices are very strong. The orchestra is small but looking to grow but I personally don't like the orchestral director much at all. Hockey is a huge deal on campus, probably because it's the only sport we're actually good at. In the honors dorm, everyone leaves their doors open. Everyone's very friendly and willing to hang out pretty much at any hour of the day or night.


1. SG, Greek Life, RIT Athletics 2. I'm heavily involved with athletics because I played 4 years varsity soccer and I was the co-founder of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. I have spent a lot of time developing the Athletics programs and to help build athlete-RIT community relations. 3. It is encouraged for students to leave their doors open, but I did not see if happen regularly when I lived in the dorms. 4. Hockey and Lacrosse are very popular, we are working on building up the popularity of the other programs. 5. Dating scene is limited... 75% males to 25% females. Most people do not find their significant other until post-RIT 6. I met them through sports. 7. People do not party that often because RIT is a dry-campus and there is a strict drinking policy. Most students go off campus to drink or drink in their apartments. 8. Greek Life is prevalent but it is not a strong component of the RIT campus. 9. There are many things to do in Rochester that do not involve drinking. Rochester has 4 semi-pro teams for different sports, 2 theaters, numerous off-broad way productions, festivals, etc..


Hockey is big. If you have good friends, that's all that matters. movies and games are big. There's all kinds of people, those who drink all the time, or once in a while or never. There are sororities and fraternities that just love themselves. But I don't think anybody else cares. There's no popularity associations with them.

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