Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Job fair and the networking events! Huge companies like Facebook and Microsoft come to the fair and also they hold networking events and info sessions through the semester.


Required co-ops are really, really helpful, and the hockey games are great.


I brag most to my friends about RIT for the constant activities and events always occuring at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I'm never bored or just sitting around with nothing to do. Along with my academic work, I have a healthy balance of social time with the variety of amazing people here on campus. I can easily try new things wether it be learning to sign in ASL, try sushi for the first time, or learn how to longboard, and I can easily do all of those things in just one day, at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


This is a school with very strong job placement and a great co-op program, as well as a great place for people of many different backgrounds to be able to work together.

Andrew P

RIT has a very involved community and offers a lot of clubs and activities for people attending, both artistic, physical, and academic


I love the intellectual atmosphere, people are intelligent here, but still are adverse to the people around them.


What I brag about the most is the weather it is always either cold or cool and not many hot days. Another thing I brag about is the events that happen on campus. For example, Tora-con, springfest, and frezzefest.


It is one of the most prestigious schools in the country, and the program I am in which is Industrial Design is ranked #3 in the U.S. Also we are a co-op school and our job placement for all our majors is at least 90% most of the time it is around 98% though. That what I love to brag about


The engineering program.


All of the great internship and post-graduate job opportunities. Companies come several times a year to recruit students.


It's reputation is impeccable, you get great experience


The opportunities here are unending if you look for them. The staff and faculty are there for you to make your college years the best years of your life!


RIT tries very hard to make sure you are able to get internships with companies so that you're better prepared for the workforce.


I mostly brag the most about the school, that I have improved my skills in Design program, very competitive with each other. The design program ranked in the country. I would suggested to me friend to go this school, and they have all the needs that school offer.


There are a few things to brag about when telling my friends about RIT. The first and by far the best is the quality of the education. The professors here are well versed in their respective fields and, for the most part, are able to convey their knowledge effectively to the students. The other nice thing about the school is the atmosphere. Since this is a tech school, the people here tend to fit in well together as most share similar interests. Everyone seems to be accepting and I have yet to encounter and negativity towards any other students.


RIT has over 200 clubs. There are lots of events on campus. RIT has some tunnels underneath the dorms. It's helpful when it's raining/snowing outside. It's a huge campus. There are weekend buses to the shopping centers.


I brag the most about the many labs that I am involved in that have allowed me to progress in my field of engineering.


I have met so many people while on campus and I've made tons of friends. I was a little bit of a loner in highschool just because my highschool was more artsy than technically oriented. Now that I'm at a tech school, I've met tons of people with similar intrests. There's also tons of activities on campus and you're never bored. There's always a play or something to go to when you have free time.


The network and internet speeds here are top-notch. You won't see similar speeds in the homes of private citizens for at least a decade.


Our animation teachers. Every freshman in the film/video/animation program this year takes a class with the animator who did Captain Crunch, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, (and more) and many of the upper-level animation classes are taught by the animator who worked on major scenes from movies like "Coraline."


For the engineering program at RIT, we are required to go on five co-op's. These allow us to get more job expirience and gain connections. Though, for me, it allows me to be able to go to other parts of the country, and even the world, without having to pay for study abroad.




Great facilities - beautiful campus, variety of meal plans and housing options - co-op program


The co-op experience is what I talk about the most. It is the best part.


I have befriended some of the strangest, most open and inspiring people in my time at my school. These people are undergraduates, post-graduates, alumni and professors. Soon after my freshman year, my personal focus shifted from weekend parties to actively seeking meaningful conversations and exploring the city nearby. The diverse network of people who are willing to help out in times of need and times of comfort, and the qualities of these people is the absolute richest part of my life, and the comminity of the university I attend.


The facilites offered on campus and how nice they are.


I brag about the food on campus there are eleven places to eat on campus. The food at most of the places is excellent and we have a new housing establishment right off campus built specificly for RIT students and there are many more places to eat there. There are also many restaurants within a five minute drive off campus. I love it!!


Potential income.


The amount of snow we get


Our extensive co-op program


I can tell my friends that there is a great deaf community on and off campus.


The Co-op opportunities and the lifestyle! The people here can be very laid back and we tend to have lots of fun! It is kind of nerdy (it is a tech school) but as long as your open minded, it's a lot of fun!


The size and divercity of the school. There is always something to do or someone new to meet. And if you are bored all you have to do is take a walk around campus and you are more than likely going to find something to do, something that is going on, at least when it's not winter.


Classes, Underground Tunnels, Hockey Team, Anime club, Go club, Co-Ops, Internet Speed, Food,


The other weird people.


Our amazing orientation program. I believe it's in the top 10 list of best orientation programs in the US. I also brag about our Div 1 hockey team, my excellent access to alumni, and the amount of clubs and physical education classes that are offered here. We can take massage, juggling, rock climbing, scuba diving...the list goes on. We also have a barn on campus, "The Red Barn", in which students can go rock climbing. The housing here is also amazing-big rooms and nice facilities.


The one saving grace of this school is it'll get me a good job.


How I have enough financial aid to go there for free. Also, how I keep my grades up so high as well as how much it costs to commute there 70 miles each way .


my apartment on campus


Tell them what my school have such as what offer they do, students' style, positive feedback, activities, and come visit to see the school and outside of campus.


Unlike other schools on the semester system, RIT is set up on the quarter sysetm. A course is taught in just ten weeks, so if you don't like it, it will be over before you know it. You would be surprised how much information you get during such a short period of time, and you get to take more classes than other students on the semester system, because you regester three times a year (or four if you opt to take classes during the summer quarter).

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