Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the worst thing about my school is the fact that the sense of community among the interpreting students is almost nonexistent. At my first college, I was told that interpreting students should strive to work together, instead I see a lot of competition. I was very disappointed about that when I started to attend.


The worst thing about the school is the area. You can't really get around unless if you have a car or a friend who has a car. Public transport sucks in the area.


The worst thing about the school is the area. You can't really get around unless if you have a car or a friend who has a car. Public transport sucks in the area.


Considering that I'm very happy with my college experience, the worst thing about RIT for myself isn't necessarily related to the college itself. Although there are plenty of events on campus to keep you busy, it isn't really located in a "college town". If your looking for something else to do during the week, you become pretty limited, as RIT is actually located in West Henrietta (just outside of the city). Buses do go to the mall on the weekends, but it really would be nice to have a college town environment surrounding campus.


Sometimes the services that are provided are lacking. They aren't very accomodating when there are summer or intersession classes occuring, which makes it a problem for students.


The worst thing to me about the Rochester Institute of Technology is the amount of walking everywhere. But, I came from an area that was very distant from stores and restaurants, so it was hard for me to adjust to the difference. Here, at RIT, you have to walk quite a ways to certain areas on campus, but when you do find new places it is so exciting. I learned my very first month at RIT that there is a lot of distance from the dorms to the academic side of campus, but I have gotten used to it now.


Probably how liberal it feels at times. As a Bible-believing Christian, there are some approaches or focuses I don't agree with.


The worst thing about my school is the gender ratio. There are so many more guys than girls that it makes it difficult to meet a girl that does not have a boyfriend.


I think the only thing I would consider to be a bad thing about my school is that its extremely expensive. I always find myself hoping I will be able to continue my education at this school. Unlike some of the students that I have come across, I do not have someone I can ask for help. I have to relentlessly apply to numerous scholarships, and hope that I reviece at least one. Times are hard, though, so everybody is trying to apply and win money for school just like I am.


The cost. It's a great sschool but it is very expensive.


The worst thing about our school would probably be the weather. It snows a lot, is often windy and cold, and doesn't see very much variety in the seasons.


Worst part about RIT is the enrollment system. To enroll for classes, RIT uses an online system that usually cannot handle the flow of students all trying to enroll on the same day. They recently implemented a new system that isn't very good either.


The worst thing we have is the quarter system. I would rather have semesters because the quarter system is very fast paced and sometimes overwhelming.


I don't think there is really anything bad to say. The one thing a would say is that the clubs and other activites can be disorganized.


My biggest concern is the cost of attending and the financial hardship that I will face upon the completion of my education.


I dont know from experiance anything in particular because I have not atteneded RIT yet.


What I would consider the worst thin about the school is that there are too many construction going on on this campus. The food on campus are kind a of junk food more like grease, fat, and others, and very few healthy food.


The pressure to complete work in a short amount of time because a semester is only 10 weeks long and missing a day of class could mean being behind up to a week.


The weather


The attention to students individual gifts and abilities, I think that teachers miss or overlook oppurtunities to get to know students further. It is also fairly easy to destinguish a teachers favorate student, and this fact creates an anxious learning environment. Through my experience attending two different colleges, I have decided to try and come to bearings with my environment. I do not think that there is an ideal college, just and ideal student; hard working, kind, diligent, and creative. Students at RIT know that they may not be encouraged to act this way.


What students usually complain about at RIT is the school's calender. We opperate on a quarter system rather than the conventional semester schedule. Because of the quarter system, we haave shorter winter, and spring breaks and summer breaks. Also, the work load is very heavy and overwhelming if the stundent is not focused. An extensive amount of work must be covered in a short nine week quarter.


There are a lot of students, with a large campus to boot. There isn't always a lot of professor 1-on-1 time and such. Some of the professors just teach to teach, others actually care about the students. I wish that that aspect could be resolved.


The worst thing about RIT is the wind. The way they designed the school is so that it creates wind tumbles which makes things so much worse compared to the weather off campus. It is already cold in Rochester and the wind makes it even worse, especially when it is snowing. RIT is also bad at getting rid of the snow on the quarter mile, the way we all get to class. So you have to fight against the wind while trying not to slip from the slush and snow.


In my opinion, the worst thing about my school is the amount of foreign techers. The only reason I chose this is beacuse of the fact that most of these teachers have very thick accents and are difficult to understand. Luckily there are multiple programs to help assist you in learning.


I worst thing about RIT is the price, so receiving $5,000 would be extremely helpful.


If you are into sports other than hockey, this may not be the school for you. RIT is more focused on its academic programs; the sports teams are more of an after-thought. However, the hockey programs are well supported, and usually have great winning records.


High cost, cold winters, lots of rain.


It is very hard to access professors. There are not very many older students at this school. It seems that most of the staff just want the students to hurry up and graduate and care less about the grades student's recieve. The students look stressed out and miserable most of the time.


Lack of girls, lots of rain, long winters, lack of good parties, greek life sucks, costs a lot, hard to find parking, and thats about it!


The buildings are possibly the worst aspect of the campus. The campus is constructed of nearly identical rectangular brick structures whose design creates wind tunnels, which are the cause of monsterous localized snow storms in the winter (October until early May) that often lead to red faces and upset papers in untidy binders. The environment does not satisfy aesthetic needs. The administrative buildings house committees that are inefficient and do not competently and effectively assist in student support services such as psychological aid, academic support, student employment support, nor in community services between the school and the community of Rochester.


The visual appeal. Most of the buildings are made from the same type and color of brick, creating a monotonus feel to the campus. Also, there are several artworks displayed throughout the college, that do not compiment the rest.


The worst thing about our school is the weather. Peaople tend to not do as well in the winter quarter.


Nothing really.


The trimester system. The schedual is annoying and breaks make no sense.


I think the worst part about RIT, is the seclusion from the rest of Rochester. The campus is located fifteen to a half hour minutes outside the city. I feel like I miss out on a lot of great things to do in the city. There are many theaters and performing arts centers that I would like to attend a performance at. The culture in Rochester is great and I would like to be around it more, and I think other students should know more about.


Food and store price environment dorm issues facilties poor maintence weather lousy transportation


There is no school spirit. We don't have many sports teams, and other than hockey, they are all pretty bad. We don't have pep rallies, and everyone studies a lot. Also, the weather is very cloudy all the time, so there are many people who are perpetually in a bad mood.


The size of the campus cannot really support the large amount of students (15,000 undergrads), and tuition dollars seem to go to construction of non-essential administration (not academic) buildings.


The school has a limited amount of housing available and keeps accepting more and more students. There isn't nearly enough room for everyone and only freshmen are guaranteed housing, so some people might have to live in non-RIT housing even if they can't afford it.


The fact that being a technical university a lot of students stay in their rooms and don't get involoved.


The weather is very cold and unbearable, but that's all part of the fun.


The worst thing about RIT is the social life. I do not live on campus so it is even harder to make friends. But even living on campus seems like it would be boring.


The worst thing about RIT would have to be the large amount of intraverted people on campus. NERDS.


Everything! This school is just depressing. Out right horrible. Nothing but nerds who like to get trashed alone playing video games


Some of the social limitations. I'm not a big partier, and I'm not into gaming all the time or lan parties. Sometimes I struggle to find good groups that are in between those two extremes.


Some of the Engineering students are very anti-social. That is to say that they don't usually talk to people outside their major because they think they're too smart for the rest.


The social enviornment and guy/girl ratio. There are way too many guys per girl and I believe that it would be more fun and I would have more of a social life if the ratio was improved.


The worst thing about rit is homework.


Too far from the interesting things in Rochester. RIT is located in the boring Henrietta area, and the public transportation to downtown isn't terribly convenient.


It's cold and the people suck

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