Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype of a typical RIT student is a nerd who sits in his room all day playing computer games. There are a few of those kids at RIT, as with any other school, but the majority of the students are friendly and normal. RIT is know for its engineering program and computer science program, but many people forget that RIT has one of the largest art schools in the country. With 15,000 students at RIT you are sure to find people with your interests and styles.


RIT is typically considered an Engineering school, but there are a wide range of majors that are equally as impressive. When I tell people I go to RIT they always say something like "Wow, that's a good school," or "Wow, you must be smart." Some people may think of RIT students as geeks, but it's only because we are focused on our studies and being successful.


nerds. yes most of us are nerds (as this is a technical school).


Geek is chic at RIT


The HUGE stereotype associated with RIT is "computer nerds", because of our Computer Science major and how large it it. This is pretty true, honestly. There are a lot of socially awkward people that roam around the school. but they're all nice. They are just extremely quiet and spend all of their time on their school work, so it doesn't really affect you at all, it merely just exists. Also, I guess another stereotype associated with RIT is that it's all men and ugly girls, which isn't true. There are a lot of pretty girls on campus, they are just outnumbered by the amount of men on campus.


That every student is an engineering nerd. Not True! We have one of best art programs in the country and many other majors are offered.


That every student is an engineering nerd


The most common RIT stereotype is without a doubt is the World of Warcraft junkie. This guy (or girl) can be seen with bed hair in your 2-4pm class, riding his razor scooter to class, or hunting for human flesh twice a year during Humans Vs Zombies. Although this particular clique may come to mind first, RIT is host to about any stereotypical group imaginable; and all these groups seem to find a healthy environment within RIT's campus.


The stereotype of RIT students would be nerdy. The stereotype is true for most students but not all. Sure, a good amount of students stay in their dorm rooms on their laptops for entertainment, but there are other students who go out to parties and enjoy sports.


The stereotype of students at RIT is definitely GEEK! But we are definitely proud of it!


Because RIT is a tech school, the stereotype is that there are a lot of nerds and geeks on our campus. When I came here, I knew nothing about computers or video games, and after just a few short weeks here, I met so many people that could help me update my mac and figure out any problems I was having with my wireless internet. The stereotype is true, but I love it because everybody fits in. At RIT, you will most definitely find a friend or a group of people who are interested in taking apart computers, playing World of Warcraft, or writing code together. That doesn't mean that only these types of people go here. I am a design nerd for example. The art, design, and photo school is a huge part of this campus as well, and I have found a couple of friends who share the same enthusiasm for design as I do. There are also some jocks (we do have D1 hockey), band geeks (we have a great pep band), and boarders (everybody seems to have a longboard). RIT is great because there are so many different types of people, you are bound to find one that shares the same interest as you.


Stereotype at my school is a Group of nerd who do nothing but stay inside and play video games. This is true for some people, more than I'd like it to be. But there is also a good chunk of people who are involved with on campus activities and like to go out and have fun! There are a wealth of clubs and leadership opportunities with in those clubs, as well as departments and Student Government who are eager to support and see clubs grow and expand.

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