Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


RIT: Brick, brick, brick. It's hard to differentiate one building from another on this campus, because they all look the same. RIT Students: We all walk down the quarter mile with our heads down, avoiding eye contact and social interaction at all means. Students classify as gamers, loners, anti-social, too smart for their own good, tech-nerds, hippies, etc. Oh, and the campus is flooded with guys, guys, guys.


Majority of students are antisocial computer geeks with no social skills.


Some stereotypes for RIT, at least the ones that I told other people were that "RIT students are just a large group of Star Wars, D&D, Lord of the Ring, nerds that do not even see the light of day when it can be avoided.


The kids that stay in their rooms all the time playing World of Warcraft, the people that take Dungeons and Dragons way too seriously, the obnoxious, immature, and overzealous anime fans, the people that believe they're really a vampire or a red mage, students that don't ever bathe, the cape girls/boys, the Gandalf wannabes, etc. The list goes on.


There's a lot of these. Mainly that people on campus are big geeks who live on the internet and use the term IRL way too often. Also that there aren't many women on campus, so it's hard to find one.


There's no girls. Wait, I'm a girl! Alright, so I have the "librarian" glasses, but I'm normal besides I swear. Okay, that's a lie, I'm a physics major; I can't be normal. Honestly though, I spend more time with friends than studying, and love to stay active with all the sports and events going on - all while holding a 4.0 gpa.


Computer geeks. People that play games continuously for hours on end. Mostly males. A good school educationally


RIT is known as a tech school by many, even with its broad range of courses and colleges. Some alums will return to talk about past employment when they visit RIT and tell students to expect the question "You went to RIT? You must know a lot about computer." The idea of a "brick city" characterizes people's impressions when visiting RIT, and is the nickname RIT has gained. I am told it is the second largest confluence of bricks in the world. RIT students are often called "geeks" or "nerds" and typically have no negative affect on the students. "There are a lot of deaf people at RIT" is also common. "There are NO girls here!" is another stereotype of the student body. This school is know for technical knowhow. Many stereotypes include students who spend hours on computers and science projects and have extremely pale completions.


That it's full of art freaks, photo geeks, and gaming nerds who don't leave their dorm rooms. Other people also say it's an institution made of brick instead of concrete.


Students that don't ever leave their room, nerds, very boring


Many People think that RIT has no girls, and that the guys at RIT are all about video games and no fun ( NERDS)

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