Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


For me it has been the co op search. MIS students are required to do 1 semester or 2 summers to fulfill the co op requirement. Since I transferred as a junior I was limited to the 1 semester. So far it has been a struggle since I haven't been able to find that many co ops for the Fall 2017 semester.


Commuters will not have too much of a social life since clubs are later in the day like during dinner time, which most commuters go home by then. The education here is also really expensive making it unaffordable for some students.


This will be my first semester at RIT, so I haven't actually been on campus for class-related reasons. I've have been on campus, however, for other purposes. Despite of that, there is one thing that's very frustrating: the amount of websites and pages that you're required to use. Compared to my community college that I attended for the past two years and their website, the websites and pages of RIT that students are expected to use are less streamlined and more confusing.


So far I have not encountered anything too frustrating. How ever if I had to choose the most frustrating thing about the Rochester Institute of Technology is how late I recieved my class schedule. My freinds attending other universities recieved their class schedule weeks ahead of me and I did not know when I was supposed to recieve my schedule so I was just waiting for the university to send me my class schedule. That was really the most frustrating thing that I have seen so far at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Using the student website for enrolling in classes. It is very difficult and tedious to use and becomes very annoying very quickly.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the resources for deciding what career you want. RIT is extremely career focused but that can actually harm students who are not entirely sure what they want to do with their lives. It would be nice to have more resources to explore more career options.


The weather in the winter.


The most frustrating part about my school, would be how little females attend my school. It is hard for me as a female to find many female friends. As I look around I find that most of my friends are males.


I'm not entirely sure what is. I guess I wish there was a better physics department. This is a technical school so the sciences tend to be the best here. Unfortunatley physics doesn't have the best reputation for being applicable and that seems to impact its standing.


The professors are unwilling to move classes around to accomidate a change in schedule, it is a strict sequential schedule


The lack of more artistic people and the fact that there's a LOT of guys and not very many girls.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the distance between residence halls. Had I known that most of my current friends would live in a particular residence hall, I would have chosen to live there. Instead, I chose to live in a very small, all-female dormitory floor. Although living in a small floor does have its perks, such as less crowding in the restrooms and reduced noise, I often find myself very socially isolated.


The most challenging thing for me was to recieve a financial aid package estimate when I was considering which school to transfer to.


The meal plan is a pretty huge rip off.


There is nothing that is frustrating about my school.


It is too expensive.


This school is a self-contained universe, located in a small town between huge, sprawled-out shopping plazas, and as such includes anything students may wish for within its confines: wide variety of food, necessary household items, ATM’s, labs, coffee shops, and so on. It was made for maximum convenience. However, it also blocks off everyone inside from everything outside. After all, most of us here do not have cars or nearby family. The most frustrating thing about RIT is its protective confinement and its obscure location. It is a piece of the world not integrated with the world.


I have frustrating thing about my school is alot of classes on tuesdays and thursdays. Same time, the time goes fast by also. I rather time goes slow by. I could have time to do homework or study. Sometime, teacher use sign language which I dont understand. I need teacher use american sign language so I could understand. However, I am doing so well anyway while i can patient to finish taken that require courses.


Their undesire to transfer credits to be counted for core classes when you have taken equivalent classes at a previous college, and/or you have earned an accredited technical certification which would satisfy the knowledge needed to pass that class.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is still on the quarter system. This makes seeing friends and family very difficult because breaks are extremely short and at unusuall times.


The long walks to and from classes. This isn't so bad in the fall and summer, but in the colder months it can be pretty uncomfortable.


The art department is located generally in the basement of their building. There are no windows,no access points to fresh air or sunlight. Teachers tend to be condescending about student opinions and beliefs, for example, if I where to state a personal religious view of a topic in class, I could expect a feeling of distrust from other students or the teacher. I am Jamaican and British, individuals often identify me as black: this is a very small minority in my school, and I am prone to feel awkward if I am alone in a group of other ethnicities.


The most frustrating thing I have noticed about R.I.T is the lack of organization found in some of the clubs. Some recreational teams fail to alert all of those who signed up for meetings. This was frusterating for me because I really wanted to try some new sports and I was unable to join a rec team due to poor organization.


Just as most of the other top schools, RIT has a very rigorous curriculum. One aspect that could be very good or very frustrating is the quarter system. Other schools have semesters, however, RIT has quarter. Each quarter is composed of 10 weeks. This means that students must keep up to date with all their work because there is no time to catch up. Personnally, I do not mind it because it means that three set of classes are completed each year which translates to more credits each year.


The most frustrating thing is that everything is expensive!


the lack of school spirit


Most frustrating ting about the campus is how odd placed / weird a decent amount of the student are. Social life is good when you are in or friends with some one in a fraternity/sorority or sports team, other then that most students stay locked in their rooms, are unsocial and play games.


The quarter system, and having very few breaks.


There is a half-mile walk between the resident section of RIT and the academic section.


The "quarter-mile" walk in the winter because it is SUPER cold. And the registration process for class because they're starting to restrict a ton of class because you are not in that certain college of the university


My school uses a quarter system, so its 10 week quarters, instead of 15 week semesters. This makes it so there is always so much work to do since you always have a tests or quizes just 1 week away.


As I am from Southern California, the winters here can get very cold. Walking 1/3 mile to class can be quite annoying.


It's in the middle of nowhere. But I'm from NYC, so maybe that's an exaggeration.


It seems that the new president is focusing on the college of engineering focusing more on research and less on strong leaders in industry. We don't have the money or the infrastructure to support this, and as a result, I feel that the mechanical engineering program is being weakened, and my degree is being devalued. Professors are no longer hired to be inspirational and encouraging to students -- instead, they are being hired to bring in research and money.


The difficulty of the classwork and curriculum.


The weirdos that you see everyday.


Frustrating? I don't know... Overall it's nice. Then again, I'm pretty easy going.


The lack of the female species


There aren't enough bike racks on the campus near the acedemic buildings or the book store to put out bikes.


Location, it is very cold.


During Winter, it is really, really cold here. Sometimes this kills the social life on campus.


There are barely any girls, especially as a computer science major. It is typical to have classes entirely filled with guys and to be at parties where there are only 2-3 girls.


nother really


Some of the teachers are very opinionated and will cut you down no matter what. I have had very few teachers who truely appreciated me as a person, which is frustrating when you go to talk to them and they don't answer your question because they disagree with what you are saying to being with.


Because it is an intitute, it is devided up into colleges. This makes interdisiplinary studies difficult: I wanted to study StudioArts and Buisness, but that ment sacrificing my artistic studies a great deal.

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