Rochester Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


RIT fosters a lot of self-growth and a lot of imagination, and I like that most out of everything in the school. I like that there's a club of people who want to build and race cars-- and they do it. I was part of a club to learn Esperanto that shut down because we couldn't find someone on campus who could moderate us-- but there were people interested and we continuted to meet even though we didn't have club status. RIT is just a place where if you like to learn, you will.


For RIT, it's difficult to choose just one thing. I orginally chose to attend for the plentiful amount of opportunities and high degree of career orientation. With career fairs, co-ops, and so many established connections with RIT's profound name and many well-known companies, I am confident I'll be prepared for the "real world". However, from just being at RIT for a semester, I've become so thankful for the diversity of the people and cultures I've been exposed to. From international students, to becoming acquainted with deaf culture, it really is an enriching experience.


The best thing about my school is that you don't have to struggle in silence. You can get the help that you need atleast academically.


The best thing about this school is that there is such a diverse group of people. RIT is the only school I know where there are art students working side by side with engineers, and where classified geniuses form study groups with people that have learning disabilities. Some of the students here are so kind and helpful to each other, and I didn't expect it to be the case.


The groups of people you can meet and hang out with there is someone there for everyone to get along with and enjoy.


My school plaes much emphasis on co-operative education.


The best thing about my school would have to be the opportunites that you can recieve from attending this school. They have an amazing co-op program. This is the reason I want to continue to study at my school. I want to have the same opportunities as everyone else. I know that I can be just as amazing as long as I have the right education behind me.


The type of people there. This is a tech school and you get a population of people who you would call nerds. I find this pretty great. These people are for the most part really accepting and you don't really have to feel ashamed of who you are. I gotta say, I feel more comfortable being myself here than at most places I've been in my life.


The best thing about my school is that it is easily accessible, well respected and technically focused. I enjoy the diversity of the students and faculty. I like that people challenge each other.


This school really helps you obtain a full-time job in your dream field. The co-op office staff prepares you for interviews and gives you advice on how to improve your resume. By having a co-op requirement, students here are guaranteed to succeed in life no matter what they major in. Professors here also can help you in getting an internship and are willing to help you out with any you need help with.


RIT is a very friendly place. Everyone there does thier best to make you feel like you're at home even if home is on the other side of the world. They also offer many oppertunities for students including co-ops, study abroad, and many minors so that students can get to the place they want to be, no matter how unusual the goal.


It wasn't too small and not too big, also the campus was planned in a sensible way, dorms on one side recreation in the middle and academics on the other side. It was important for me that things were easily accessible. Also the class sizes are some of the best I have ever heard of, you really get the bang for your buck in terms of student-professor ratio.


The sense of community contained within it. Most of the students aren't afraid to connect with other students to help one another achieve success.


The best thing about RIT is how much it prepares its students for life after college. The four to six years we spend here are meant to teach us what we need to know to survive on our own and lead independent lives. RIT's Co-op programs and internships allow the students to start making connections within their future areas of work before they actually have to pay bills and raise families. Graduates here have a higher chance of finding work fast than the graduates of the majority of other colleges.


There are many things that I like about RIT. However, the best being the professors on campus. They are very friendly and always there to help you. Despite the lecture and office hours, most professors are ready to make adjustments according to our schedule and are also available through emails most of the time.


The best thing about my school are the facilitied available to us. We have some of the top of the line equipment at our disposal.


The best thing about RIT for many students would probably be the opportunities many majors have for being placed in internships and co-ops. This does not apply to my current major. Therefore, for me personally I would say the best thing about RIT has been the people I have had the opportunity to meet; whether a friend or a stranger, everyone I have come across has helped shape me in some way, even if just by provoking my thoughts about who I am, my academic success, and what I want to do with my life.


The Rochester Institute of Technology is the leader in career driven undergraduate co-op programs. RIT boasts a 95% job placement by requiring students to work in their field with leading employers such as Boeing, Cisco, NASA, CIA, and FBI to name a few. Students can work anywhere in the world and gain valuable experience and knowledge to attribute to their undergraduate coursework.


The Film program and making movies with my friends and other students. I'm a film major and it's my favorite thing to do.


I love how culturally diverse it is. It offers an environment where you can get the attention you need in each class as a student , yet still experience all of the perks of a big campus environment. A lot of things to do and people to meet and learn from


I think the amount of clubs and activities that are available ais the best part of this school. If this school were only about your academic success, then you wouldnt last very long here. They are about personal and professional developement and that makes it very special to me.


My incentives to enroll at RIT were the state of the art technical facilities offered to all students, the focus on preparation for future employment, and the willingness of the school to give back. Even before my freshman year, I was offered to take part in a summer internship program which I consider one of the best choices of my life. The college not only offered me payment for work in my field, but a chance to adapt to the school and forge lasting connections with other students in the same year and older before even attending.


The entire staff is very helpful; all advisors and faculty I have interacted with have gone out of their way to make sure I am on the right track. I felt that they genuinely cared about getting me into the right courses with a workable schedule that fit in my other extracurricular commitments. The professors are also very professional and are clearly experts in their fields.


Rochester Institute of Technology has a great focus on careers and career goals, with an emphasis on innovation and new ideas. Their co-op and internship programs help students to gain valuable experience in different career fields within their majors and prepare them for life after graduation.


The Co-op program is the best part about RIT. It's great to be able to apply the things you learn as you are learning them.


The best thing about RIT is their Co-Op program, we are required as undergraduate students to participate in a certain number of co-ops (determined by major) in order to be permitted to graduate. A Co-Op is a 10 week period in which a student will work within the industry instead of attending class.


The internship and co-op program helps students get into the work place sooner so that they can better understand the field they are entering and get a jump start compared to other college graduates.


The best thing about my school is the welcoming atmosphere it has for everyone. It is sucha safe and comfortable place to be, which helps students with their work and to start their new lives and to grow socially also. The facilities and technology offered are up to date and brand new also.


For me, the best thing about my school is a combination of the program that I am in (because it is such a unique program), and the support I get and friendships I have made through campus groups .


I think the people here are amazing. I've learned so much from the professors here and the people I know are really awesome people. This school allows you to get to know a really diverse group of people so your friends can have art majors, engineering majors, environmental science and enhlish majors just to name a few. I felt at home here the minute I stepped foot on the campus and do not regret coming here in the least!


I feel the greatest thing about my school is the Professors willingness to help students in need. Whether it be extra office hours for him/ her, staying after class or answering 30 emails a night from confused students.


The best thing about my school is what gets accomplished. The improvement of life, I think, is the overall goal of everything that happens at RIT. We have very inventive minds at RIT, and very capable people too. The co-op office (internship office) helps a lot with that. This office helps us get jobs as to what we are interested in and allows us time to see if we really want to persue what we want or change direction. RIT should stand for Real Innovation Today.


The faculty. They engender such a positive classroom environment that it can't help but be transferred to students' social environments.


I think RIT offers a huge amount of opportunity in it's class selection as well as it's emphasis on students working on sets and practically utilizing the tools taught in the classroom (for the film program).


The best thing about this school is probably the professors, they are very nice and love what they do.


The challenge of the classwork and the preperation for the workforce.


Meeting new friends who are deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing.


Plenty of good resources and clubs around school


The best thing about this school is that they include deaf students to come to this college to get their degree. There students that signs. Alot of teachers and people that help students out with studies at the learning center. They have great hockey team to watch. At this school, alot of people of alot of spirit in deaf power. At this school, you can meet alot of people that is just like you from different states. There clubs, activities, movies night and comedy. They have great dorms space for students and lounges for people to chat and hang out.


Top notch facilities and equipment for photography.


Co-ops give real world job experience


The type of education that we recieve. It is not just an academic education, but also job training. Internships are mandatory to graduate and the education is geared toward teaching you to be able to perform an actual job in your field.


Without question, it has to be the fact that if you attend this school and do well, you will most likely have a great job by the time you graduate that pays well and that you love.


RIT's undergraduate programs; they are some of the most indepth and well-fitted for today's modern world.

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