Rockhurst University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Rockhurst is a small school that endorses the importance of service and learning but also allows students to be avctive in social groups and have control of their own individual college experience to mold into the exact experience that they want.


Rockhurst University is a Jesuit liberal arts school with a pretty campus in an urban neighborhood, a strong focus on developing well-rounded and service-oriented leaders, a thriving social Greek community, and a predominately Catholic, white, and upper-middle class student body.


Rockhurst University is like a small community to where everyone tries to get to know everyone else, even the freshman, and everyone is very nice and likes to help others in the communities around us.


Rockhurst is a great place to become the best you possible with people willing to help you get there.


A good educational opportunity, but not the ideal college experience.


Rockhurst is a small, private, liberal arts focused school in an urban environment.


Rockhurst is awesome- I really enjoy and appreciate what it has done/given to me.


Intensively, academically focused during the day and wild and fun by night.


My school is right for me because I can walk around campus and feel like I am a part of a family or group that is achieving something great, while waving to at least 3-4 friends or professors that I know on the way to class.