Rockhurst University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at Rockhurst University are mainly caucasion individuals with a catholic background and come from suburban homes and middle class families. Many are commited to serving the community through service and promoting social justice. Female students out number male students. Many students are affiliated with greek life. Although many students on campus are liberal or have "exotic" views, these students often don't speak up because their views do not match those of the University's. School spirit here is not very high, at least in athletics, but many students choose to support eachother in other aspects.


My classmates are attentive and helpful.


My classmates are full of energy and excitement. Everyone wants to learn and have fun together. We find ways to make long projects fun and exciting. However, all my classmates are also willing to seek help when they need it. There is no judgement when people struggle in a subject, and there are always people who are willing to help. Aside from academics, my fellow classmates are interested in creating friendships that last a lifetime. Everyone wants to make strong connections that will help them grow as a person, but also to help them when they start applying for jobs.


Do-gooders with big hearts, goal-oriented behaviors, and well defined ambitions to pursue a life of self-understanding, goal seeking, advancement of education, and speaking up as leaders within their own communities.


A lot of fun to hang out with but close minded when it comes to race, sexual orientation, they tend to be judgemental.


My classmates are career-focused and try hard to balance social life and maintaining high grades.


My classmates are very diverse, encompassing many different cultures, personalities, viewpoints, political ideas, and religious beliefs all in one awesome bundle.


Friendly and helpful


They strive to do the best and those that deticate themselves excel.


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Small schools breed gossip where everyone knows everything.


They are very open to helping me and working on projects that are important to finish.


They are all so friendly and are willing to help you in whatever you need, you feel like you are part of a big family.