Rockhurst University Top Questions

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Rockhurst is incredibly accelerated. If you put a lot of work into it, you will find that it will reward you greatly. If you slack off however, you will not achieve anything here.


The small class sizes, and the location is strange.


It is small and the teachers actually know their students by name and remember who they are even when they are finished taking their class. There is a real family oriented feeling about the campus.


Rockhurst is unique in its reputation. It is a well-known school for producing well-educated students with a liberal education. Its size is remarkably small and it is an unexpected landmark in a bad part of Kansas City.


The largest class is about 35 students which is small compared to the other schools that I looked at. The smaller classes are the best thing for me because of my hearing loss.


Small Jesuit school in a larger urban setting


they are very welcoming and very friendly. they are always worried on how each student is feeling. They always want to help you, they always help you if you have any kind of problem even if its not related to school. the teachers always care about your grades and your advicers are always there to help you in whatever you need even if you only need someone to talk to. They help you adjust very fast and they try to have as many activities as they can so students can have fun in a safe and healthy way.