Rockhurst University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Visit as many schools as possible, and look for the correct balance that best suits your future long-term and short-term goals. Next, have fun, be open to new things, and prioritize your time well.


have a variety of choices well before you need to make a choice. DO NOT make a last minute decision when picking a university. Make sure you research each of your options in depth and visit/spend the night to get a feel of what youll be doing and who youll be doing it with. Go somewhere large enough that you have many career options and many people to meet.


To the parents, to let the student choose the college where they feel most comfortable in. And if the parents are going to help pay, to take in consideration how far the university is from home, and see how much money are they willing to spend to bring the student back home (depending on how many times a year they go home). By personal experience, i can say that you can spend a lot of money each time you go home, if you live very far. The student should always double check if they have the deegre or major that they want, in the university they are choosing. They should always make a list of what they expect to get out of a university and see what university meets their expectations, in every sense. And i would say that to make the most out of a college experience the student has to mature and to make wise decisions. There should always be a balance between school work, partying, relationships,work, and other activities. If you get too much of one of them, then you are never going to suceed and enjoy college at the same time. check dorms and weather.