Rocky Mountain College Top Questions

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My school is located only an hour's drive to a ski resort, it is surrounded by several mountain ranges, and our ski team is repeatedly one of the best teams in the NAIA conference. I love that on the weekends during the ski season I can go for a full day of skiing and fresh hour, and still have time to catch a movie, or study back in the city. Plus, the "Big-Sky" views offered in Montana are a sight to behold.


Rocky Mountain College is unique from any other college because I feel it is a more open-armed community. They don’t have outsiders or "new students" instead they do everything they can to make you feel welcomed. The professors want to have a personal relationship with you; they care about your education and do everything they can to see you succeed. Rocky was my first choice because the moment I stepped onto campus I knew I belonged.


A lot of international students come to Rocky and it is interesting because Rocky is such a small school. But the diversity really makes it easy to make connections throughout the world due to the variety of people that attend this school.


The most unique trait about Rocky is the student to teacher ratio. It is around one to fifteen. I felt that by coming to a smaller school I would gain a more concentrated education.


My school consists of only about 1500 students and it's a private college. The professors are great and really are here to help us. I love it here, but I cannot afford to go here, because it is very expensive.


Rocky has small classes and the professors are willing to work with you about any problem you may have.