Rocky Mountain College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I wasn't going to be as enthusiastic about flying as I thought I would be.


Before I came to this school I wish I had know more about the public transportation. I was under the impression that there was public buses and routes, for I can get places.


I wish I would have known that the Theatre and Music departments were so small and over-looked. There are some benefits to having a small department and only two professors, but there are less learning opportunities. Also the Billings community has a very small Theatre atmosphere. I wish I would have focused on this when choosing my school.


I wish I had known how expensive the Equestrian Program was. I would have saved more of my money.


Before attending this school, I wish I was more prepared to know how life on campus really is. I expected college to feel more like college and less like highschool. I also wish I would have known how this school actually was academically. It has such high reviews, but I do not completely understand why it is praised for being such a great school.


More of what I wanted to be when "I grew up."


The drama level at the school tends to run high sometimes. There are also few activities that coincide with a science-based class schedule, so I would recommend attending a larger college if you wish to pursue things like sororities.

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