Rocky Mountain College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any student that wants a small school with one on one teacher interaction should go here. If a student is looking for a school that will help them break out of their shell and become someone new, Rocky accomplishes this. Either if you are on a sport team, debate teamm equine team, or any other leadership role on campus, you cant resist being changed.


The type of person who should attend RMC is someone who is academically strong and plans to continue with this path. RMC has high expectations for their students. Students should also be interested in the small school atmosphere. RMC has programs for students interested in sports, music, science, aviation etc, and are willing to give scholarships to deserving students.


Somebody who likes a relatively small school that is in itself a close community. A person who enjoys small classes and would prefer to have teachers who will go out of their way to help you with assignments or with any difficulties both in and outside of class that they would be having.


The kind of person that should attend Rocky Mountain College is the kind of person who likes a close knit community. If you want your teachers to know you and to make many friends throughout the campus, and feel like you are part of a community RMC is for you! Its a beautiful school with good student to faculty ratios that really cares about its students.


Someone who prefers small classes and more group work


A person looking for challenging classes taught by experienced professors in a close setting. If you are intimidated by larger universities but would still like a to attain a four-year degree, this college is right for you.


Rocky Mountain College is not meant for students who do not want to work for what the want. Students must be hard-working and studious to get through a semester of school. They should be outgoing and should be accepting of all cultures because Rocky Mountain College is a very diverse school. Students can have fun during school, but they need to understand that college is not all about partying, it is mainly about being getting work done and keeping classes their priority.


Someone that wants to get a really good education and be actively involved in the school. It's not a place where people are ignored, it is a place where everyone is involved


Someone who is dedicated and wants a small school that can help your future!