Roger Williams University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It's a nice campus with seemingly a lot of resources that unfortunately don't necessarily lead to challenging classes or interesting opportunities for intellectual growth.


Roger Williams University is a school with diversity, great academics and professors, and a great location. There is something at RWU for everyone because of its dozens of opportunities. There are clubs and sports that are easy to get involved in, and involvement is encouraged. Home-cooked style foods are offered every day in the dining hall giving students a close to home experience. With so many great offers, Roger Williams University is an adventure in itself!


My school is very community oriented. I recieve emails once a week about volunteer opportunities. All the professors live nearby and are professionals in their field. All the faculty is very accessable and helpful.


Roger Williams University: where success is measured in tolerance, understanding and personal growth.


My school has a pretty campus which is what captured my attention but is relatively in the middle of nowhere and has very little do offer in terms of entertainment unless one travels by bus to a major city.


An extremely comfortable place for all who learn, whether it be commuter students, residents, or graduate students.


My school is great community campus with many opportunties in education, community service, social group and studying abroad.


It is a great campus and has a wonderful staff. Teachers really care about their students and want you to pass. However, they do challenge you but in a way that you will actually learn in the process. Professors are also very reachable and will do what they can to meet with you.


Roger Williams University has an amazing atmosphere and energy in the community.


Roger Williams is a fun school, very relaxed and easy to both get by but also excell in a chosen field.


Roger Williams is a fantastic school that offers alot of opportunities for students to be involved and help shape their future.




This school is awsome, the professors know you by name and will hang out with you if you ask them, they really want you to do well and go far.


Roger Williams has a beautiful campus, high quality professors (who have had very successful careers and vast experience in their feild), but a spoiled rotton and snobby student body.


RWU is a fun and open commnity that revolves around learning and meeting new people


My school is very student-issue based and academically challenged.