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I enjoy that the classes are taught by judges and attorneys in the area, this helps students in the program know what attorneys are looking for in their paralegals. I also like the fact that the university is an accredited university in paralegal studies; which is what is required to obtain your paralegal certificate.


The unique part of my school is we are right on a bay and I am studying marine biology. We can use the bay to do research.


Theres a 4+1 program for forensic psychology, that makes it so I can get my masters in five years.


They encourage and do a lot of community service. They try to help the enviornment as well as feed the students healthy food.


It it is located right on the water. The view from the dorms were absolutely beautiful. Also, the campus was a community. Because it was a small school it was easy to make friends and know the professors and staff that worked on the campus.


Roger Williams University is a great environment for everyone that attends. There are groups of friends but all the groups intertwine. Classes are challenging but engage everyone to make sure the class is comfortable with material. Other schools I considered did not seem to have such great qualities.


It's a smaller campus and so there is a smaller amount of students in each class. Mainly what made me choose this school was how beautiful the campus is between the bay and the landscaping it's beautiful. It isn't very far from my house and it seemed like this was the school for me, ever since the first time I visited.


Roger Williams University is a small school located in Bristol, RI which is a beautiful little town. RWU is situated directly on Mount Hope Bay and from pretty much everywhere on campus you have a waterfront view. As with all schools, some professors suck, but others are amazing; Same with the majors. I'm Psychology and Political Science - Those are awesome academic programs at RWU.


RWU is on a peninsula and has incredible scenery over the bay. There is also a nice area to walk down by the water and research dock with open fields. Because the school is on a smaller side and is surrounded by water, the local community is very satisfying and comfortable. Everything a student would need available to them is readily available. It's small community allows students to interact with each other. Also, the state park by the school is great for after class and the weekends to catch up with some friends and hang out in the sun.


The school is located in an amazing area; directly on the water- it's gorgeous. RWU is constantly growing which makes it a unique environement to be apart of.


It is on the beach. It is in a perfect location in between Newport and Providence. It has a beautiful campus.


its located right in the water and has a strong marine biology program


Roger Williams is a small school with small classes and very focused on undergraduate research and development.


There is always something to do here. At new student orientation, the school really pushes involvement. I think that is the best way to be come accustomed to the school. Between all of the sports, clubs, and organizations- there really is something for everyone. Joining a club or organization helps you meet new friends, and really feel at home at your new, well, home.


everyone is rich-and you always find a niche with the people like you---only a couple of my friends are drop dead rich--and by rich i mean like mommy and daddy gives these kids whatever they want...for example---i looked out my dormroom window one day and saw students cars--there were 3 bmw's, 4 mercedes, 3 audis, and a hummer


Come visit and stay a's a blast here!


Roger Williams really is a great school. I've made good friends and had great times. It can feel small because of college drama but I'm guessing that happens at every small/medium sized school. The pros of being at a school this size outweigh the cons. I love being able to see a lot of people I know walking from one place to another. Its a beautiful place and the professors and students are all fantastic. Classes are hard but not impossible, everyone wants you to succeed. Dont be a bio student unless you love to study... a lot... and take a tour of the library before you come because you'll be spending a lot of days and nights there.. the same goes for the architecture program. Oh! and every year in the spring they do a steak & lobster dinner that is absolutely amazing.