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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


NO! we have a lot of people from different backgrounds.


well, i am white and thats about all i fit into-however for the most part people are crazy mad rich here-are all white-and well, some are underachievers-most try to just do the bare minimum to get by...i have student loans, am white, and work my ASS off for good grades...


They used to be. But now it's harder than ever to get in here and they are accepting more minorities and more minorities decide to come here. As far as the "rich" goes, its true for a lot of people, but it's not a sweeping generalization. I'm not rich, and some of my friends aren't rich. But it is common to see BMWs, Hummers, and Audis driving around.


No. You'll find people who are stuck up at every private school (even public ones). Its true that a lot of wealthy people go to RWU, but there are a lot of really great, down to earth people here and I feel like anyone who has ever tried to really show off their money or acted like a snob has been criticized for it. There are definitely "slackers" and programs that have a lighter workload but there are a lot of people who have to work really hard- just like any other school. True we dont have a lot of diversity a lot of people wish there was more, and there is some and everyone gets along :). A lot of our sports teams suck. We do have a really good rugby team sailing team and wrestling team though!