Roger Williams University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Class is easy and we don't have very good internships. Some teachers are very helpful but others seem uninterested in your concerns.


hardness depends on ur major---archy's....idk how u do it---communications is by far the easiest and business is known for people who dont know wat they want to do with their lives...


Classes are fun here. I mean, not all, obviously, but they're not bad. All my professors know my name, and all of them are very qualified and intelligent. We all have to take "CORE" classes, which aren't the most fun, but they do serve a purpose, and they make you a more well rounded student. The Legal Studies department is the best...they're all very nice and understanding and very willing to help. All professors want to talk to you, and they're open to suggestions.


The professors definitely get to know you if you want to get to know them. Especially ones specific to your major. The amount of hours you put in definitely depends on what you are studying. Our best programs academically are probably Biology, Architecture and Engineering. Students in my program (Bio) are competitive in a supportive way- people help eachother out a lot with classes and studying. In the Marine & Natural Sciences the professors are really enthusiastic and almost all of them are doing research in the area. They all want students to get involved in their projects or start their own research. They really help you out and get excited about what you're doing. The chemistry department could use some improvement.