Roger Williams University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell them about the beautiful Mt. Hope that the campus is on. I tell them about the opportunities within the community of Bristol and how the school directly works with surrounding community. I also share that everyone on campus is friendly and happy to be here. There are also wonderful staff members who take the time to get to know you appreciate you for who you are.


My school is a small campus which allows me to get personal attention from my professors. It is easy to get around as the buildings are fairly close together. I brag about the dining hall as they serve the yummiest food; very healthy meal choices, as well as a large variety of options. The school staff is friendly and the campus is beautiful, clean and well-kept.


My school is beautiful, fun and active. The majority of student body stays for weekends and does not leave. There are so many options for majors to study. The school campus is small to medium, class size is small , and facilities top rate. Many options for sports, and activities. I reccomend getting involved in a sport or activities at the school.


The campus is right on the water, easy to located classes and get around campus


I like to tell my friends about the great friends I made, the awesome study abroad experience I had in Australia, and the fact that my school was located close to a small city (Providence, 25 minutes away) and an hour from Boston.


My group of friends, and how there are 20 of us and we are all so close and miss eachother so much and school when we are home. I also brag about the food which is amazing.


I tell them how awsome the area is and how much there is to do on a daily basis, besides all the studing i do, also it is near providence so there is even more to do if you feel like traveling a whole 30 min. Plus the school is small enough that it only takes 10 min. to walk accrose campus.


The location, classmates, and professors.


Hahah, I don't. I try not to talk about this school


It's an absolutely beautiful campus-- right on the water! When the weather is nice, it's so so so beautiful.


It has a beautiful campus.


I tell my friends about the excitement and activities at the school. I hvae made many friends joining the cheerleading team. There are so many great people on campus and voining an activity to help our school spirit is great. Many people know who i am by attending the baskwtball games. We do a lot of volunteering around the community and help with on-campus events.