Roger Williams University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing in my university for me is the wind. The wind on campus is brutal, and especially during the winter time when it's freezing and blowing snow straight into your face.


I would say that the worst thing about Roger Williams University is the system of punishment. There are students that treaten the lives of others that get less disciplinary action than those who are caught with alcohol.


The worst thing about my school is the variety of people. I feel like the majority of students are very white, spoiled, and rich. This is not to say they are not good people, just hard for me to relate with. It is the wost thing about my school because they have loud conversations reflecting how ungrateful and oblivious they are. Moreover, it is easy to feel judged by them for not wearing designer clothes. As you can imagine, my school is very nice, since this minor social problem is the worst thing about it.


Some of the programs were not fully developed at the time I attended. Going out into the field, made me less marketable for many positions.


The worst thing about the school that I currently attend is the price tag. I spent two years at a community college obtaining my associates. At the time, my government loans covered the entire cost. However, at RWU this is not the case and I am forced to take out a loan from a private lender.


The cost. It is ridiculously high and it seems like the school is always wasting money. For example, they water the lawns even when it's raining. They also built three brand new buildings this past year and added a wet lab onto the science building. Maybe more of that money should have been used to give students more scholarships and financial aid.


My school says they are culterally diverse but I do not think they are. I wish there were more people here I could relate to culterally.


Not enough to do on the weekends at times.


Not enough on campus housing for upper class students. This is changing, however, because they are building a new dorm for upper classmen. The math department is horrible. I am a whiz in math but the professors here are terrible. Just about everyone takes their math at other campuses and have their grades transferred.


I believe that drinking is a problem at my school, but then again, that's usually every campus.


There tend to be extreme inconsistences with the way business is handled on campus, especially in the Financial Aid Department and Bursar Department. It is appaerent that they treat sudents differenty while handling individual business. Also, all together-both Departments are employed with rude people. Not only are they not helpful to students while looking for financial aid jobs on campus-but they are also extremley rude during phone support with parents.


The worst thing about Roger Williams University, is.....I dont think there is a worst thing.


Zero job help for communications students.


Financial aid department, particularly financial aid advisors are consistantly rude, unhelpful and unkind, as well as uninformative and uninformed about their own job and resources.


the people


The worst thing is the "rich kid" image where nobody is an individual because everybody has to have the latest fashion or they are not cool.


My school is so concerned with having the best everything, that it seems to spend money on luxury items instead of helping students more financially.