Roger Williams University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is looking for fraternities or sororities should not attend this campus because they don't exist except for the academic ones. This is not a big party school, so anyone looking to just party away their four years of college, do not come here.


The type of person that shouldn't go to this school is someone that does not want to work hard.


I don't think there is a type of person who "shouldn't" attend Roger Williams University. Just like at many colleges at first its hard to make friends, but at Roger you become more than friends with people. They become your family. We are a community that accepts everyone, and no matter what you like or want to do there is something here for you. I havent met a single person at Roger Williams who was ever bored, or not having fun inside and outside of the classroom. I think everyone should consider applying to Roger Williams University.


Since it is a close-knit community, I do not suggest anyone attend RWU if they want to be part of a big college/university.


Personally, I think everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend my school from all ethnic backgrounds and cultures. The school tries to make the school as diversed as possible. Sadly, there aren't that much diversity in my school. It is mainly made up of white students.


a person who only wants to have fun and party in college. This campus is very fun but everyone is pretty serious and on top of their studies as well.


A person who is not looking for a school that is not in the city and for a school that is not too big. It is a very nicely sized school. It was the perfect size for me because I wasnt looking for something too big or for something tiny.


Someone who wishes to attend a tech type school.


strong minded people who cannot do exactly what each professor wants even if it means the difference between good and bad grades. also people who have no money should not come to this school


Someone who is hoping to come to a competitive school and wants to get challenged academically in something other than marine biology or architecture. Those two schools are very competitive.


One that is looking for a school that is only academically focused. At RWU there is a really good mix of academics and other activities. I wouldn't say we are a top party school, but socializing is a top priority of many students.