Roger Williams University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


So far I knew everything i needed to.


I wish I had known Providence was a 45-50 minute ride away from campus. There is a bus to take you to Providence, the ride is just very long. However, many people go to Providence often, so you won't be alone on the bus ride.


I wish I had decided what I wanted my major to be before leaving high school. I attended another school before this one and had to transfer for my major. My entire first year was wasted because I could not decide what I wanted to do. Now while my friends are getting ready to graduate, I still have a few more years ahead of me.


I wish I had known how strict the school was. It is very hard to not get written up while attending Roger Williams University. They are very strict about everything and as a result of that a lot of the people, including myself at the school are miserable.


I wish I had known how difficult it would be for me financially. I would have made sure I had saved a lot more money from my job instead of spending it. Although, that may not have helped very much either way. Yet, despite my financial problems linked with attending this school, I am very happy I chose it because it suits me well and it's an amazing school.


I wish that I had known how big of a party school Roger WIlliams University is. As well as the fact that the Christian club on campus is not very prominent.


that the administration only cared about the aesthetic qualities of campus rather than the student body's interest. this school is a business as much as it is an educational institution. don't expect a wide range of character or discapline among those who attend because a lot of them aren't really there to learn as much asthey are to party and to walk away with a nice name on their degree. this applies to a lot of private universities, not just roger williams.


What was expected of me


I wish I had known that the financial aid wasn't as good as they promised and that they wouldn't answer your questions directly


I wish I had known that I wasn't going to recieve any financial aid because this school is very expensive.


I wish i would have known to choose my own roomates, whomever that would be befpre allowing myself to be placed into a room. Instead od receiving a double room with someone i had chosed i was placed into a quad( four person room) with girls i did not like at all. I was fine for a little while, however things turned ugly and i was thinking of moving into another room for the rest of the year. I wish i could have chosen my roomate rather than to let the schools' generated program do the matching up.