Rogers State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Rogers State is not a very large school I'm not sure it is known for anything


RSU is probably best known for its Nursing Program and Sports.


The Hillcat


Rogers State University is best known for being a personal experience to students. There is an open policy so that an advisor for every degree should be available anytime for walk-in prospective students. This college is known for great athletics, good academics, and an affordable education.


baskett ball we have one hell of a team


Rogers State is best known for its ability to accomidate everyone. Rogers State is growing, and diverse. It also accomidates many off campus students and concurrent.


SAC Champions


Our school is best known for the friendly and very down-to-earth attitude that we all possess. Everywhere that you go people have smiles on their faces and great you with real warmth. It is kind of like a family. :D