Rogers State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person that should attend Rogers State University should be able to adapt to the small world that will surround them. RSU is a very small school and a very close knitted community within the campus limits. This makes for smaller class sizes and closer relationships to the professors.


The people that should attend Rogers State includes a wide variety of students. Anyone seeking a real college univeristy education/ expierence, but at a much cheaper yearly price than huge universities. The cheaper tuition, classes, and living is much more affordable for new students.


This school has all different stereotypes and backgrounds. It would be good for anyone.


A laid-back, conservative and casual individual should attend this school. The individual should show a personal interest in their education and the well-being of others. The individual should be open to social relationships and slightly informal relationsips with the faculty. The school does not discriminate, so be your own person, but be ready to work!


a fun loving person