Rogers State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do not feel bad for waiting to go to school. Sinc e you are older, you are more mature, work harder, study harder, and you know what you want. It is okay to change your mind. Hang in there and dont give up.


Do not take this year lightly. Yes you are going to be valedictorian but stil, you need to push ypurself. Have fun and stop sweating the little things. Events are going to happen and it is going to throw you for a loop and knock you down. Get back up and keep going. Great things are waiting for you at college. So keep your smkle high for everyone to see and prove to them that you can do this. Also change what you wore for your panal picture, it was not attractive at all. And don't let the normal person you let do your hair because she ends up making your hair look orange. Good luck and see you soon.


I would tell myself to go and live on campus. I go tothe Bartlesville campus and live at home. I sometimes fill left out of the college experience.


I would tell myself to develop better study techniques, and to be more open to others.


I would tell myself not to get so hung up on finding a major right away. So much time during my high school career was spent stressing about my major and now, having been in school for a while, I can say that the stress was unnecessary. I would tell myself that it's okay to be undecided and to first find out where your passion lies and go from there.


I would have told myself to relax a bit more and also nab as many easy A's as possible in addition to picking up Physics.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell my self to save money, study harder, and apply for scholarships. Saving money is extremely important to pay towards school, living, gas and food on a daily basis in college. Studying harder and getting the absolute best grades possible will make college, scholarship applications and classes much easier. Applying for all scholarships available will make college cheaper and the earlier you apply the longer you have to apply for more and more. With all of this in mind, Study the hardest possible and then some, save every penny you can, and apply for scholarships so college can be an even better expieremce than you already expected!


Do my homework. I could have gotten into honors if I had just sucked it up and did my homework. I would just get bored with the work because it wasn't challenging me enough. I really regret it. Also, keeping with my original plan and not listening to what others said. I could be done with my degree, but I went into a different feild to make my family happy. I really enjoy the feild I am in now. It drives me to do better, and it always inspires me to accomplish and learn new things.


If there was some advice I could give the me in high school, it would be to really push through my basic classes because even though most of them are awful, they still count. I would tell me to try harder.


Be prepared to do your very best and make the most of your college years. Set an obtainable goal and stay focused on it. Don't set your goals too high as you will be setting yourself up for failure.


Do not procrastinate. College is very time consuming and a lot of hard work. Do not give up and always do your best in all that you do because that is what makes you successful. If you have questions do not be afraid to ask because you learn by asking questions. Dont think that everyone knows the question y


Thinking about what I have experienced in college so far, if I could go back to my senior year of high school and give myself some advice, I would tell myself, "Take every paper you write this year seriously, especially those involving research. Ask as many questions as you can to the teachers and other faculty members. Talk to the school counselor about any sort of available scholarships that there are. Ask the counselor about what to expect from college, and about what needs to be kept in mind if transferring colleges may be an option for you. Ask the counselor for an aptitude test so you have an idea of what you may want to major in. Don't depend so much on your sociometric status now, because college is an equal opportunity program and "favorites" do not exist. Be prepared to study, read, and gather as a whole, an understanding of the material you are taught. Don't hesistate to ask questions when you get to college, and work as hard as you possibly can. Lastly, don't give up!"


After High School I was forced to find a job, because I graduated a single parent. It is very difficult to find one a job because I only gained sales experience. I have learned that it is very important to have an education for employment, because if you dont there will be hardtimes in which you will be at risk to be homeless and still cannot find a job.


College has given me the oppurtunity to meet many different people from very different places. It is important for me to finish my education because, I have to set a good example for my son so he can want to follow in my footsteps, and get a good education of his own. Setting this example for my son as well as my peers will have an influence on them. I have already talked a few of my friends into getting their G.E.D. and wanting to pursue college.


My College experience thus far.It has been very rewarding and has taught to respsct life to it fullest. Tradition,Family,love and values. Texas ATM is a College full of great worth. It is my honor to be graduating this may. I hope to continue my Grad school right here in College Station. Any one who gets the oppurtunity to become an AGGIE is very very fortunate.


My college experience has helped me discover many qualities about myself that I didn't know before. I have found the ways in which I learn better, which was not at a four-year university and is in a stable environment that simulates the workplace environment I will be entering. Attending Perry Technical Institute has been the best decision I have made regarding my future. This is a great school and I would recommend any of their programs. I am currently enrolled in the Medical Office Administration and Coding Program and so far, it is great. They teach and explain things in a way that is easy to understand, which has helped me to grow and achieve as much as I have at Perry Tech. I've earned a GPA of 3.83 and have made the Dean's list every quarter. Perry Tech has been valuable to me because it has given me something to work towards and I feel accomplished every day I'm here. The fact that I would be the first one of my family to attend and graduate from a university or technical school is also motivation to me and I am determined to succeed.


My college experience has been invaluable. While I gained much intellectually within the confines of the classroom, textbook learning did little to shape my social, ethical, and moral growth. I can attribute the heightened awareness and appreciation for the importance of ethics, politics, the environment, and cultures differing from my own almost entirely to those experiences outside the classroom. Debating topics with my peers forced me to discover what it is I truly believe, helped me learn to pick my battles wisely, and taught me how to make peace. Forming new friendships out of desire rather than necessity taught me how to love another for their own merit rather than for what they could offer me. Perhaps most importantly, being in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by individuals who differed from me in many ways, forced me to look outside myself, beyond the boundaries my upbringing imposed on me. I learned to empathize, to see myself in another's situation and conceptualize the pains, joys, and lessons associated with those experiences. The classroom has been a valuable tool in my education, but it has been those lessons learned in the coffee shops and dorm rooms which will remain relevant forever.


My first semester I commuted back and fourth and I hated it. I felt like I was still in highschool driving back and fourth each day. Once I moved on campus my outlook changed! I got more involved because I was closer to the school. I also got to know more people and made friends. College is testing me and my study habits, which were non-existant through highschool. I now know that I need to study at least an hour a day for a test in the next week. I like getting assignments ahead of time that way I can move at my own pace; if I want to move ahead of the class and do assignments ahead of time I can. I know exactly what's coming in the weeks and that satisfies my personality so well! I love having things organized and knowing what's next. I'm learning things about myself that I never thought I would know. I found out that I have a short attention span and online classes work well for me because I can control when I do it and I don't have to attent an hour long lecture!


I have recieved college credits that have helped me in my goal to transfer to Central Bible College.


Academically, high school was an incredibly difficult time for me. I did not have the learning or study skills to pass exams and feel intelligent. In senior year, I decided to take a human anatomy and physiology course. My teacher noticed my struggles, and spent hours educating me on different learning and study techniques. When I got accepted into nursing school, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The two years that I was in school were extremely intense and challenging. At times, I thought how easy it would be to simply give up and quit. I felt as though I had lost the study skills once learned and felt myself slipping back into thinking 'I can't'. I chose to confront these thoughts and conquer my goal to obtain academic honors. After graduating with Cum Laude, I realized how valuable my college experience had been. I learned that I am gifted with the special ability to believe in myself and think 'I can' instead of 'I can't', which is the largest accomplishment for me yet. I am tremendously grateful for this skill, which is helping me to attempt my next goal: my bachelor's degree.


My college has taught me the importnace of my education, and what i achieve now and how hard i work determines the rest of my life; so i have to work hard and do the best i can to ensure a bright future.


Being the first to attend college from my family has been an honor to all of us. A person can accomplish so much more by going to college than not. I have learned that by going to college, there are many good paying jobs out there that are waiting for educated people like me. it has been valuable to attend college, beacuse aside from learning and getting ready for a career, you also meet people who will be able to help you with your goals in life, being that they are studying the same thing as you. Just knowing what the future can bring for me if I graduate college, is the best experience anyone can have.


I would tell myself to try harder in high school and take honors biology. That would make cell biology easier to understand. I would also tell myself not to listen to people who are trying to put me down. I would say push yourself and use thier negative feedback as motivation to achieve your goals. I would like to tell myself to never give up. College is hard, but it is just a stepping stone to the rest of your life. Nothing in life worth having comes easy, so always "go for the gold" and never underestimate yourself because it is seldom that you exceed your own expectations. I would say that you should be more open to new ideas. College can be a place of self discovery and you wouldn't want to miss out. Go meet new people and try new things, you never know until you try. The last thing I would tell myself is to have fun. Life is too short not to live it to the fullest, so hold on for the ride and take in each day like it could be your last.


I would tell my self to pay more attention to the high school councilors and be more prepaired with what is ahead as far as college goes. I would pay more attention to senior college day and save more money from working at a part time job. I would apply for more scholorships alot earlier than i have.


I am just starting college at the age of 38. As a high school senior I made the decision to "wait a year or two" before starting college. I was very anxious about college and afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up the pace and wanted a short break from 13 years of school. "A year or two" turned into 20 years. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to go to college right away after high school. There isn't as much of a disciplinary atmosphere in college as in high school because in college you're there by choice, so the professors can concentrate more on educating and less on disciplinary issues. This makes it more relaxed. College is more flexible with a wider variety of classes and times to fit into your schedule. I am so regretful that I didn't go to college right out of high school while I was young and before I had children, but, I am also thankful to have the opportunity to get a college education now and pass this advice to my children and not be a hypocrit. I have experienced it first hand.


A college professor recently told me, ?A college education is wasted on the youth.? I?m 42 years old going back to college to finish my bachelor?s degree. Don?t be like me. Finish what you started when you?re young. It is better to finish school and wonder what life would be like if you had gone without school than to go without a degree and wonder what life would be like if you had finished school. Having a degree opens up a world of opportunities. According to the U.S. Census report in 2002, the average college graduate earned at least $900,000 dollars more than those without a college education in a lifetime. They were also unemployed less often and stayed unemployed for less time when they were unemployed. These statistics aren?t likely to change in the opposite direction any time soon. A quick glance at the wanted ads tells the whole story. A bachelor?s degree is a minimum. Take it from someone who has seen half their working days and earning potential go up in smoke. It?s worth the time to finish when you're young and right out of high school.


Think about what you are used to... Did you go to a small high school? If so, really concider a small university/college. If you go to a big school and you are not used to that many people, things can be real tough.


My advice would be to allow yourself to make the most of college; find the right balance between being active on campus and doing well academically. Colleges offer a great selection of activities and it's important to be open about trying new things.


Pick something that you are comfortable with and that you want to do for yourself. Don't let anyone else influence your college decision!


Make sure you know and understand everything you are getting yourself into


all school are garuteed to teach well, worry about the other stuff like social aspects, sports and life


Find a campus that has something that will interest you as a student or your child. If you are spending alot of money to go to a specific school you might want to check to see if there are a lot of foriegn TA's teaching classes or professors that are hard to understand. Many universities have staff that you can not understand which makes a class even harder to learn. Check out the class sizes and the type of technology the school has and offers.


This is a great college for any kid to go to! They will have a chance to get use to the idea of college at RSU. Parents will also find it very comforting in knowing their child is attending RSU. Its a beautiful campus and a great faculty and staff.


Find the college that best suits your needs, in the field you want to focus on!


One of the best ways to find the right college is for the parents and student to visit together. But don't just visit one college! Make a day of it, or even several days. The student should be sure to tour the buildings and areas of campus that will be their primary areas of study. This will insure that no one gets any surprises on the first day of class! One of the best peices of advice that I received before starting college was that I should live on campus and that I should be very involved. I followed both bits of advice, and had an amazing first year. I met many new people in my dorms and found others that shared my same interests because I became actively involved with several groups on campus. I would strongly encourage all first yearstudent to do the same. Without this strong base to start off my college career, I don't think I'd be as successful as I am today.


Consider the cost. A bachelors degree is pretty much a joke and to go far is school if you dont have any work connections. If you know people to get a job from then just get it over with quickly and start work. People care about experience and your personality not where you went unless it was ivy league.


College is expensive, but worth every penny. If a parent or student thinks that they cannot attend because of financial issues they are most likely wrong. Exhaust all of your options. Look at loans, grants. scholarships both through the school, in the community, and online, federal loans, everything. I believe that soon a college degree will be expected of any professional so don't put it off. When you do get to college because of all that hard work you did to get there. Always do your homework first, and be sure to manage your time so you can get good grades and have an active social life. Meet everyone you can and participate in all that is available. I personally would advice a student to go Greek. There is a Greek orgnization for any type of student. Know that they aren't all the same. Also, if you don't like something on your campus then challenge it and try to change it. All together be all that you can be. You have an amazing opportunity infront of you. Remember that you can do it, and succeeding is not an option. it is a challenge that you will meet.


Make sure it is well known for the dgree you want or you will struggle to find a job.


The advice I would give to other students and parents about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience would have to be keep in mind what type of college they would like to attend, whether they would rather be a part of a large university with auditorium-sized classes or a smaller university with less students and more one-on-one help by the faculty. They must also keep in mind their own personal views of society, this is important because they may be offended by some things that are discussed at a liberal university, and if this is the case, then a consverative-minded university is probably the place for them to attend. Additionally, I would tell them that in order to make the most of their college experience, to get involved in some of the extracurricular activities the university offers, whether it be a sport such as flag football, or a club, such as International Student Union. Being involved in these sorts of activities makes students feel less like the Student Id number listed on their cards and more like an individual that belongs to something bigger and greater than themselves.