Rogers State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Nothing I enjoy this school.


There really is not anything I would wish for. I feel like I have found home. It is a place where you can be youself and feel accepted.


I wish I could have know the right classes and professors to take and that it's extremely hard to get any scholarships. In college I quickly found out that your grade in the class is practically all tests and you're lucky if your professor gives you homework. I never thought I would request my teachers give me homework so that I could understand the lecture better as well as have a "cushion" on my grade if I didn't do well on a test. I also didn't know how much I had to study!




I wish i would have known more about the sports programs.


A college professor recently told me, ?A college education is wasted on the youth.? You had better heed his warning. I?m 42 years old going back to college to finish my bachelor?s degree. Don?t be like me. Finish what you started when you?re young. It is better to finish school and wonder what life would be like if you had gone without school than to go without a degree and wonder what life would be like if you had finished school.


Study hard and you can make it through!