Rogue Community College Top Questions

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Rogue Community College is unique compared to other schools because it has a strong presence in the area that I live. It is reasonably prices when compared to other schools. It has a good staff and great teachers. Rogue Community College provides a wide variety of classes to chose from. All of the class choices allow me to explore different career fields to find the one best suited for me.


I love the people here from Rogue Communtiy College, because there is a lot of help I can get. Counselors and teachers are great when it comes to helping students and understand situations, that students could be going through. Also the tutoring center they have where students are able to come and do homework and also get help from people here. One thing I love about this college is there coomputers because I believe a computer is much needed at a college for students. I spend most of my time here in the tutoring center.


Well, my College is set in the beautiful back roads of Grants Pass, Oregon. It is surrounded by many nature hikes, and incredible trees and such. I love the location of my College Campus more than anything.


Rogue Community College, is close to home, thus it saves on travel, as well as lodging and or dorm costs. Rogue Community College is highly competitive with it diesel technology program to other higher cost vocational schools, and yet is considered a community college. Being close to home, excellent teachers and staff, as well as excellent curiculum and training from people who were also professionals in the community, but decided to share their experience with the rest of us, means alot to me. And the savings of being close to home, is wonderful...


RCC is close to home- that was one thing I really considered. After being away from my family for four months, it was extremely important for me to be around them as often as possible. As well, I like the diversity of the student population. As a people person, I enjoy the company of very different social groups. My mother also attended the school and I was able to get insight on the teachers and how the taught, which really played into my decision.