Rogue Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Rogue Community College?


Any one should start at RCC. It is a great school to either start or get your foot back into the door.


Any one who is has the will, desire, drive, and thirst for knowledge to advance their minds and lifestyles.


Rogue Community College is extremely welcoming of the non-traditional student. I am a returning college graduate exploring my options in the medical field and have had little to no difficulty with the transition between university and college. Those who are looking for vocational training, or hands-on experience (without the four year university cost) would find that Rogue Community College has a lot to offer. The atmosphere is very laid back which is quite encouraging for me, the non-traditional student. With that being said, I am glad to further my education within this institution.


I believe that everyone should have the same oppertunity to attend this school


Any kind of person should attend this school, it does not matter how old, or how young, the color of your skin, or the way you talk. Everyone is really nice to everyone, and no one is judgemental over each other, we are all there to learn and it doesnt matter as long as you want to learn.


Anybody who has a willingness to better them selves and who wants a better their education. I like not having to worry about not being accepted like higher self proclaimed status setting universities and colleges, who pride themselves on status and one a few can if ever make it thier. Rogue Community College, has opened up it's doors to any and all, and that is very nice. Their staff is awesome as well, willing to work with and help even people like me, who are well past school years in order to get a better life.


Rogue Community College is a great school for people who need to take a step into the college world, who can't get into a four year degree program at a large school. Anyone with a GED or diploma can attend RCC, and it's a great place for people who want higher education but don't want to go to school for extended periods of time.


A person who wants to further their education, so they can have a better life and more career choices. Age is not a factor. If you want to change your career path and do something more exciting. This school is for students want to save money and take the first couple of year here then transfer to a four year school. This school is perfect for anyone that wants to stay close to home, or that can not travel far.


If you are a returning student, first time, or fresh out of highschool, this community college is a perfect place to start your life. I personally am satisfied with the school, so i know others from all walks of life would enjoy the learning environment here as well.


someone who is not sure of thier major or if they want to get some classes out of they way before they go to a university.