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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I think the best advice, for high school me, is simple; start studying for college now. If I could somehow build a time machine, go back in time, and give some advice to myself, I would simply say, "Start planning your college career now, today, this minute, this second." I would use the knowledge I have gained from my college experience to tell my high school self how important it is to have a plan. I would make sure high school senior me knew just how important it is to know what classes to take. That it is extremely important to have a path to go so that countless hours are not wasted, so the he ( I ) would not waste time on classes or things that are not important. I would do everything in my power to make sure high school senior me would begin planning a path through college immediately. I would make sure he knew that the best time to start is now. Not next month, not next week, not tomorrow, not later, but now is the time to start preparing for college.


College is a place that seems to leave one puzzled often, especially when dealing with financial aid and scholarships. If I could go back in time and give myself advice it would be to use up all of your resources at hand while still in High School. Once out of High School you are on your own to search the thousands of different available scholarships and filter out the 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} that don’t apply to you. This can be a very overwhelming process that leaves one’s mind feeling hopeless and in despair; but while in High School you have teachers and counselors widely available to help you through the vigorous process. Students are not aware of the reality shift that comes with graduation. Life kicks into full swing and the time to act keeps getting shorter while the list of goals progressively grows longer. Without waiting you are put right into the middle of full chaos and left to try to accomplish what seem to be impossible. Use every resource possible while life is still in a slow swing. Set goals in your mind to accomplish and don’t let anything come between you and them.


In all honesty i did not take school so seriously. There is plenty of advice i would give myself if i could. I had no motavation, commitment and finally no goal. I went day by day trying to figure my self out with no success. It took being out of school with a dead end to make me realize how much i messed up. I would go back and tell my self to not give up. I would explain my current future and difficult obstacles I cant overcome with no education. I would tell my self to use every resource my school had to offer.


When going into college, scholarships are very important. I would tell myself to sign up for as many scholarships as i am able to apply for because college is expensive. Working a part-time job and having monthly bills sometimes because stressful when also trying to pay for college expenses. Another thing i would tell myself would be to have good time management skills and to set my priorities right, that school always comes first and sports and other outside school activities come second.


Happiness is something that isn't given to you; it's something that you have to work towards. I always assumed that good things happen to good people, but that isn't always the case. If you want to truly succeed you are going to have to work at it and even then, things won't always go your way. The thing that separates the quitters from the winners is their ability to cope with that reality and grow from their failures. Perhaps it will take awhile to find out what you want to do with the rest of your life, but learn not to grow impatient, but just to grow. We all make mistakes, but if we don't constantly challenge and question ourselves and what truly makes us happy, we will live a life full of regret. All it takes is that one moment to spark your motivation and you will suddenly realize, "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life!". Believe me, you won't find that inspiration in anyone else but yourself and you won't discover that if you don't seek it out first.


I had a great esperiense in High School, and also hard times that made me believe in myself and change some stuff about me and they way I think. I have always been really negative at times when it comes to thinking about school. I've also loved to learn new stuff mostly about the body I think thats the most intersting thing in this world. But I was a negative person, that never believed I could go to college, or be able to afford it. In High School, i didn't even try to go to college or even think about joining. I made myself believe that I couldn't handle it, since I was Hispanic, and english wasn't my first language. I was shy and mostly when I speaked english I thought people couldn't understand me. I gave up, but then one day I was like it wount hurt to try. So I did I registered for College, then I realized I liked it and passed all my classes with an A. Now I regret not learning more about college and all the help we can get to live our dreams.


Don't take an easy year of classes. Get come college credits done and don't stop practicing math because you'll forget a lot of it and have to take a couple steps backwards. Really research all the different kind of scholarships there are because since you never recieve financial aid, that's your only shot. If you have to go to a community college to start out because you can't afford a university you deserve, so be it. Don't give up and save your money. You'll be there one day.


Please take this final time in high school seriously. Stay focused on the fact that you want to attend college. Find something that you enjoy to learn and go after it. Have fun. School will be a lot more fun for you when you are choosing what you want to learn and furthering yourself in an area of your choice. You are capable of attaining high levels of achievement in any area you choose. Anyone is capable of learning anything. Mistakes provide the biggest opportunity to learn. Do not be afraid to fail! It is such a huge help to fail and learn. You can not be certain to succeed without failure. If you let it, failure will propel you closer to success. You can and will enjoy life. The biggest failure that you can have is to not live up to the wonderful, talented and unique person that you are. The biggest success you will have is developing long-term relationships with people. Deep and quality relationships are an asset that cannot be measured monetarily. Be wonderful to people. Be the best encounter they have. It is awesome to be nice to people publicly and in secret.


Assuming I had the ability to go back in time and speak with myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself to get serious and get as many of the under 100 classes(general studies) done as possible so I waste less time and money on non credit(pre-rec) classes and more on my degree. I would also kick myself for quiting 4 credits shy of my deploma. I would tell myself to finish school and go to college immediately!! Do not wait 23 years! I would inform myself that college is fun and you get out of it what you put in.


Figure out what your optimal work load looks like while still staying successful. Stay committed, devote yourself to investing your time and energy in your college career. In college, there is no one to check up on you to make sure you're completing your courses satisfactorily, no on but yourself. Take breaks to avoid burnout. Stay on campus often, seek academic and personal counseling when needed, get access to student resources, take time to talk to instructors and advisors, take advantage of the testing and tutoring centers, use your student perks and benefits, you're paying for them afterall. Start the reading as soon as it's assigned, but break down chapters into sections and take breaks. Read efficiently, but take enough time to really understand the material. Take notes. Start researching and writing papers and essays early. Form study groups. Stay organized. Trade numbers with at least one classmate per class. Take note of instructors' office hours and meet with them when needed. Don't give up! The answers are out there, just keep searching and you'll find the right person, the right action, the right answer, the right information. Always balance hard work with fun activities!


As a notice of advice for higher education, I would remind myself that a strong work ethic is extremely crucial to succeeding in any college. I would tell myself to try harder in learning how to put forth effort to accomplish my goals.


Disclaimer: Future Kathryn will not be held responsible for any time paradoxes created by interacting with her past self. Younger Kathryn, here is my advice for when you go to college. First off, breathe! You have to let go of your perfectionism. It is okay to fail or to earn a B on a test every now and then. Failure is how people learn. Also, time management and organization are key. They will save you an abundance of time and stress. Set aside time for your homework every day and keep an organized binder for each class. Furthermore, accept yourself for who you are. It is okay to feel awkward and shy. You are exactly who you are supposed to be in this moment, so embrace it! The beauty of life is that you never stop growing. Finally, this last piece of advice is for emergencies only! If you do procrastinate, follow these instructions. Study until you have a hard time concentrating, chug a red bull and immediately take a power nap. This will keep you alert until morning, but again use with caution. The most important thing is to do your best and know that everything will be fine.


I would tell myself to look at what is required for Human Services and take those classes. I would also get more involved right away instead of taking a long time.


Listen, you need to pay attention and focus right now. I've seen the future and the decisions you make right now are so important and will impact the rest of your life and future happiness. So buckle down and study hard. It's so important that you take your academic career seriously, ahead of everything else you have going on in your life at this time. Then after this we are going to get right into college and you are going to learn all about computers. I know you don't really understand what a computer is now but believe me they are probably the most significant invention of our lifetime. I also want you to be more outgoing. Get involved in clubs and school events. Make all different types of friends. Really explore who you are and the world around you. Don't be afraid to take chances and put yourself out there. Please believe what I'm telling you and listen to me....make these sacrafices and choices now and you will have happiness and fulfillment in your future.


I would absolutley pay more attention. The knowledge you gain in high school is preparing you for college and working life. I would go back and focus on what i have always wanted to do, "when I grow up", become a nurse. I always thought college and having a dream career were for the super smart people. In the end found out I am smart and can get there a step at a time.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself during my senior year of high school, I would stress the importance of saving money. Money is one of the biggest stressors during college. Weather its paying for classes, books, or gas to get to and from school, it’s a constant struggle that I wish I were more prepared for. If I had saved enough money to not have to work two jobs while going to school, it would make it a lot easier to focus solely on academics. So my biggest piece of advice for myself would be to come up with a savings plan; I would say to start this plan as early as possible and make sure to be very diligent with my money. You never know what the road ahead holds, weather you think you have it planned out or not.


For the things which are most important to us, we always seem to find a way to get it, to do it -- and going to college is your dream. It has always been your favorite thing to learn; to expand your horizons through knowledge, so don't give up on yourself. Seek out help from counsilors at school to find the financial means to stick with it. If others can do it, so can you!


I would tell myself not to wait to go to college, but to start right after high so as to not waste valueable time. Screw working.


Going into college I knew there would be a challange. Money in my family doesn't come easy. With that in mind the best advice I could give to myself would be to be smart about money choices. Apply, apply, apply to any scholorships or grants you can. Don't worry about clothes worry about education. In the end it comes down to hard work and better choices. Part of me knows now that if I had not been so careless in school I wouldn't have learned my lesson. Now that I know, I can move forward and work towards my goal.


All you need to know is that know matter what keep trying. It doesn't mater how many people tell you can't. Trust yourself and your skills. When you go to school don't just go because you have to, go because you want to learn. When you learn it you'll have it forever. By going to class to actually learn it will greatly benitfit your college life. Not to mention once you stop caring about what others think of you, you can accomplish anything that you set your heart to. By learning everthing you can about the subject you are studying it will help you when it comes to your junior and senior level classes in college. If there is one thing that I've learned is that even though it may be hard at first to study and give up free time or hanging out with friends. If you stick with it it will start getting easier and at some point it will become fun and college will start to become easy. Don't give up.


I would tell my younger self that college does matter. I attended community college part-time right out of high school and wasn't very motivated or interested in it. I had passing grades but they weren't that great. It's been almost 10 years since I graduated and I wish I had stayed focused on college and tried harder. If I had, I feel like I would be a lot happier right now. I would be in a carreer of my choice doing something I enjoy doing rather than working a job that I don't like just to pay the bills. Putting in hard work and determination now might seem difficult and not worth it, but it is. A few years of hard work now pays off with many years of happiness and riches.


Do it. This is the best decision that you will ever make in your life, so ignore what everyone else is saying and just do it. They say that starting college early is a mistake, that Senior year is amazing. They say you will regret this. You won't. Do it. You can get away with sleeping through high school classes, but you can't in college courses. Do your homework early, get to sleep on time, and pay attention in Macro Economics instead of dozing in and out. It makes much more sense when you know what the teacher said before. Become well aquatinted with caffeine, but better aquatinted with a full breakfast. Take advantage of instructor's office hours. When writing essays, ask real people for help with grammar, but use spell check first, and an online generator for APA citation formats. Punctuation is important. Talk to other people in the Student Union Building. Spend time on campus simply to talk to people. Join a club as soon as you can. Make friends, because they will last longer than this four years. But most importantly, take a deep breath, know you'll be okay - and do it.


If you think High School is difficult; wait till you get to College! High School isn't the easiest thing in the world; but it's the key to entering a successful UC or Cal State. You better start preparing for college right now in High School! Take as many AP classes as possible! Don't take any useless electives! the requirement is only two! Take more Math, and English classes! Don't slack off in class! earn a "c" or better; Because you'll remake those classes later! Study for ACT and SAT Exams; prepare!You better PARTICIPATE in school! Enter clubs freshmen semester! Universities accept students consistent with clubs! Start taking college courses now! Online classes! If you're not studying that day; you're doing "community service" hours! Universities require volunteer 50 to 100 hours! go to Local Library and help out! ! Get a job! Get a drivers liscense! take Drivers Ed Junior year or Senior year! Do it! Senior year APPLY FOR UC'S AND CAL STATES! FAFSA helps pay for university! It's FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! DON'T SLACK OFF! If you do; You'll feel like a loser out of high school!


I would say, self, don't even worry about the fact that you don't personally know a single person who has graduated from college. There are organizations set up to help first generation college students to succeed. Planning and organization will be important and will help you to have a more enjoyable experience. Plan out your undergraduate schedule of classes as soon as possible. Use the information from the year before, as class times won't change much. Schedule exact times for homework and if you have three hours worth, do it sooner rather than later. Leaving room for emergencies and social events, that just can not be missed, is a huge stress reducer. Know that the grades you get will affect your ability to get scholarships in the future, but if you go to class and do all you're asked to do, you will get good grades. The college experience as a whole is wonderful and not to be missed. There will seldom be a better return on your time. Put in two, four, or six years and make perhaps $50,000 a year or more for life. Bottom line is, just go, time will pass anyway.


When I woke up this morning, it felt like I'd been here before. I soon realized that I was in my old room. I had some how made it back to 2002. How did this happen? Wait a minute...I can make things better for me. Maybe even teach myself something about college life. I got ready for school as I normally did, even doing my old chores. I got to my first class and had asked someone what day it was. It was January of 2002. I still had time, somewhat, to fill out college applications and find funding for school. I still have a chance at getting into the college I wanted. Suddenly, I realized, I have another oppertunity to get my grades up too. I had a chance to graduate knowing that I worked hard. Something slams to the ground. Snap back to reality. I am here, 25 years old, going back to school for another career. College isn't as scary as I thought it would be. I wouldn't want things to be different. I believe that things happen for a reason. I want to be in school and want to make a difference.


If time travel were available, the one thing I would tell myself as a high school senior would be this, to not drop out and break up with that boy. I dropped out of high school, half way through my senior year I was dating this boy and I thought I was missing something, I had convienced myself I was not going to college. Hear I am seven years later, realizing, that I NEED to go. So to go back to my senior year, I would shake myself and say get up and go to class, its not that hard. Do not drop out and do your best, since college does matter, you have high aspections and you are an amazing person, college is for you. Don't you want to be a smarter person, and provide for your future family? If the answer is yes, which I knew it was. Then the only answer for you is COLLEGE!


The best advice I could give myself is to apply, apply, apply in class, and in life. This is one of the best times in your life but you have a whole world ahead of you. Study also, the further ahead you are when high school is over the further you will be when you enter college and less it will cost . College is very expensive.


I would go back in time and express to myself how incredibly important each and every assignment is. I recall thinking to my self on more than one occassion how useless certain assignments might be, however in hindsite, I see that all things in Highschool happen for a reason, and the reason is to get us prepared, whether it be for college or starting a life of our own. I would probably also wish to tell myself that despite what you see on TV, College definitely isn't just about hanging out with friends on weekends, and going to the local pool hall. There are so many responsibilities, including keeping track of assignments on your own, and making sure you as an individual keep on top of all things necessary yo pass through the semester.


I would tell my self to enjoy the experience and not to sweat or worry about the small stuff. I tend to get all worked up and stress my self out about home work or tests or not "getting it, like the rest of the students". Instead, I would tell my self, do the best you can and enjoy learning new things. I'm not a real fast learner, thus when difficult things come up like my Electrical Systems class for my Diesel Technology degree that I am pursuing. WOW... that class is difficult, and yet it is practical information, that I know I will look back on and say "I'm glad that I took that, and glad the teacher was patient enough to help me get through this" Like my previous education with K-12th grade, I can and will be successful. Yes, it will intail hard work, but don't sweat it. Take one day at a time, and learn from my mistakes. Remember that no body is perfect, and help others out who are struggling as well, for you were in their shoes before as well.


The first piece of advice I would give myself is to take it seriously. My senior year I was mostly bent on having fun, and I would have told myself to work a little bit harder at school, because there's time for play later. I would have told myself that it really does count. The fear and anxiety of such a huge life change wasn't completely neccessary. To be honest, leaving high school and joining the real world was one of the easiest transitions that I had ever made. I would tell myself that, and also that I should relax a little and just enjoy the last year of high school and being a teenager.


In 1982, when I was 18 years old, I told my parents that I wanted to major in psychology. They gave me all the reasons I wouldn't like it, and told me to select another major. I suggested teaching, and again they gave me all the reasons I shouldn't go in that direction. Instead, they said, I should major in Business, as this was the way of the future. Being an obediant daughter, I took their advice. But I found my classes so boring, that after less than a year, I dropped out. Now, in 2010, my interest in psychology has not waned and I have returned to school with a goal of receiving a degree in Clinical Psychology within 5 years. I would tell my young self to follow my dreams, and not to let anyone else convince me otherwise.


I know it has only been a few years since I've graduated high but I have gained so much knowledge that would have been very useful as a high school senior. For starters I will tell myself that high school did not adequately prepare me for college. My writing, studying habits, and time management need major reconstruction. After high school I became a parent so I decided to take a year off. I would tell myself being a young parent is difficult, but to continue my education without interruptions. Yes it will be extremely hard but at least try to attend part time. Taking a year off school made it hard for me to recall things I learned during high school. As a result I tested in to lower classes at college. So know I have more classes to take. The last thing I will tell myself is this road is going to be long and the car may break along the way but with self-discipline I can fix it and get to the end of my journey.


I wish i could go back in time and somehow talk to the senior in highschool, rather it be me or not. I personally was not blessed with such opportunities. I had to work and take care of my two sisters and struggling single mom. I would though if given that chance,go back and convince myself, my family, and friends to do their best in highschool so that further opportunities could be available for them in their futures. Life is a short journey, and if we do not make the right choices today, tomorrows opportunities could fade away. So i would explain the value of completing highschool, and preparing themselves for college. God knows i would already be working on my P.H.D. if i was guided towards the path of success.


I would start off by forcing myself to apply for more scholarships. Then i would say that you need to apply for classes sooner and not at the last minute. After i got those important things out of the way i would tell meyself to not do my homework at the last minute. After all this i would say to myself not to be nervous and to enjoy college.


I would tell myself to finish high school and then take a year off. If you don't take a little time off from school, you will get bored with it . Then I would tell myself to go and get a degree in something you enjoy doing. Because if you are not happy at work, then you are not happy at home. Thank You for your time and consideration.