Roosevelt University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.




Roosevelt University has a campus located on 430 S. Michigan with a cluster of stores and restaurants surrounding it. Four blocks away is the other building at 18 S. Michigan with the exact same sentiments. .


Roosevelt might actually be one of the best schools that the midwest has to offer if you're looking for diversity, an amazing education, and making lifelong friends and networking possibilities.


Very awesome.


Small classes allow for good relations with the teachers, while also being in a large city which allows for exposure to different cultures, and different types of people. The college is also very diverse which give multiple perspectives in class.


Roosevelt is love: supported, nurtured, fulfilled, and passionate.


Roosevelt is a great school to attend. I love the atmosphere. and the people that I am around everyday.


The Theatre Conservatory at the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University provides a creative environment in which young actors are taught by some of the most knowledgeable staff in the country and are encouraged to spread their wings and take flight on their creative journey as citizen-artists that will span their lifetime.


Roosevelt Univeristy is a richly diverse and caring school.


Roosevelt is a positive place to grow as a student and as a person; you are constantly encouraged and supported by advisors and professors.


Caring, attentive, wanting their students to succeed


Roosevelt is a diverse and accepting community with a possitive learning enviornment where students can succeed.


It is one of the most culturely diverse schools in the nation; anyone can turn the corner and see 20 different nationalities in the same hallway.


Roosevelt University mostly focuses on its theatre and music majors, so if that is not the major of your choice, chances are you might want to consider another university.


Roosevelt University is a smaller school in the middle of a huge active city, with a strong emphasis on diversity, environmentalism, and social justice.


Dedicated to the Enlightenment of the Human Spirit, and a nack for social justice.


It has a very urban feel, liberal, socially and culturally diverse and very persistant on promoting social justice.


It is a very decent school, much like a mom and pop shop except it's a university you pay 9000 a year to attend.