Roosevelt University Top Questions

Describe the students at Roosevelt University.


The students are socially aware of the things going on on campus, in the city, and the country. Tej professors suppose the students activism and activities when it concerns social justice movements.


Most student dress casual for going to school and most of them are from the state of Illinois. There are international students here and they usually travel in groups! You'll see student hanging out at it common rooms, where there are couches and tables with great view facing the lake sync millinium park. Most students are friendly and are very willing to help if you need. You'll see many students discussing casework and fling group projects together quite often at the campus.


There are many LGTBQ (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, Queer) students at my school. There is even a transgendered bathroom. Roosevelt really goes out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable. There are students of al racial/ ethnic backgrounds which brings different cultures into Roosevelt. There is also people from all economic backgrounds. The only students that may feel uncomfortable at Roosevelt are small town kids who are not used to a big city with all different types of cultures. I personally am friends with everyone, and for the most part that is how Roosevelt is. Everyone talks to everyone its not weird for the most part we all get along. Many students are focused on being politically active. Roosevelt is a social justice school and often holds talk about changes that need to be made within are government. The school is very liberal and most students are politically active. There is a huge mixture of students at Roosevelt.


My classmates reflect the great diversity of Chicago.


There is every type of person represented on Roosevelt's campus. Student's tend to dress nicer for class than at a traditional campus. No pajamas and often not sweatpants either. Most students do come from Chicago suburbs, I myself did not and had no problem fitting in. A lot of students here get a big scholarship so while it is a private university the majority of students are from the middle class. Students here are extremely liberal as are the professors.


Roosevelt's importance on social justice is an important part of why Roosevelt has a diverse population. We have an array of students from those partaking in the music program CCPA to students who are involved in everything from Biology, Psychology, History, and Creative Writing. The students at Roosevelt are nice and welcoming, and are willing to help other students if needed. Roaming through the halls you are likely to find a music major conversing with a Biology or Psychology major, and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that students don't look at lables and feel the need to associate with those who are only Biology majors or History majors. We don't partake in cliques. Every student there, is focused on obtaining their specific degree with the intent to find a place of employment. We are not focused on how each student is finanicially able to attend Roosevelt. We focus more on raising awareness about issues that are important to us and that we feel should be changed.


The classmates are very serious and focused about their education and usually students will just come to class and then go right home to study. Classmates here arent really concerned about building relationships with other people as much as striving academically.


my classmates are fun and eneregetic people who are wanting to learn and get an education at a great school.


The student body is incredibly diverse and no student is racially, sexually, or economically typical. The school advertises itself as a social-justice campus and, accordingly, many students would describe themselves as liberal or progressive. There is a strong sentiment from many students that they will go into the world and make a difference. Many students have a job that helps to pay bills, have children, or live on their own. Campus housing reflects the independent streak in RU students and offers apartment-style living. Most students at RU have always lived in Illinois and, if they aren't living on campus, they live at home or in a place of their on in Chicago. The fashion at Roosevelt is mostly "urban" and many students blend in with other Chicagoans. It isn't typical to see sweatshirts or pajama pants. There is a portion of RU students that fall into the "hipster" category and dress accordingly.


The best thing about my classmates at Roosevelt is that there aren't very many of them per class. My average class size is roughly 20 or 25, but that's only because of the larger class sizes for basic courses like English, Biology, ect. Once you get into your major courses, your class size decreases to roughly 10-20 depending on your major. Also, I have yet to meet a person at RU that isn't incredibly interesting and highly intelligent. The students here are wonderful people.