Roosevelt University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Roosevelt University is best known for its green campus and it's Social Justice mission. The story on how roosevelt became to be was that there was a professor at the YMCA college in chicago and the administration was limiting the people who were accepted into they college by race. And there was a professor there that felt it was wrong to accept based on that so he took much of the staff and students with him to another location and started a university that was accepting people on qualifications rather than race. It's known for Social Justice.


The location, which is near lake Michigan and other downtown - chicago attractions


Roosevelt University is known for Social Justice. Social Justice is included in every college that is apart of Roosevelt and also every program. This is a very important in society today and it is a good consideration for a college to be best known for.


Chicago Conservatory of Performing Arts, and the convenience of being in the middle of the city.


The community college I attend is a great spot for diversity. Not just diversity between culutres but there are four different colleges now affiliated with TCC so that students have the option of which college suits them best. This also allows some students to get their four year degree without having to transfer to a university. Some students are not able to cope with huge classes and campuses and this arrangement is perfect for them as well as other students who adjust to TCC and don't wish to leave their comfort zone.


Roosevelt University is an urban, independent university committed to student success, academic quality, and social justice.


Performing Arts Program


Small classes and a small communtiy atmosphere.


Roosevelt is best known for its College of Performing Arts. The music and theatre programs have developed outstanding reputations and have been able to produce wonderful and talented students.


Roosevelt University is best known for there music conservatory and liberal background.


Social Justice.


It has a very good preforming arts program. Also, the Auditorium theatre often times has big concerts there.


Academics, Theatre


It's a private school. They are very big on getting you a job when you graduate.


Roosevelt University is a school that provides the perfect training to achieve ones ambition, I was attracted by the inventiveness and uniqueness. Also its combination of superior faculty, facilities and the student body, which makes it the ideal environment in which to broaden my skills and ideas. Also the school?s exciting courses and its flexible program.