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Roosevelt University is an urban campus with probably the most ethnic/racial, financially, and religiously diverse school I have considered. I feel like I'm exposed to so many different people and backgrounds and ideas that I would have never experienced otherwise. I have the opportunity to learn in an environment most people only dream about. The classrooms are intimate, so everyone gets a fairly great chance to talk to everyone. Roosevelt students and faculty are EXTREMELY personable and the atmosphere alone inspires greatness knowing that your education is not only focused on, but cared about.


-There isn't a huge greek life at Roosevelt, instead we make fun of the CCPA theater or music kids. -Though it touts itself as social-justice-minded, RU has not always lived up to that ideal. By contracting out to non-union security and catering services, Roosevelt does not ensure the safety and well-being of employees in the building. Additionally, last year Roosevelt signed a contract with Nike prior to listening to the concerns of students who were worried Nike's record on human rights did not befit the university. -If you want to find the hipsters, the "art" kids, or the radicals, take a look at who is smoking outside. Roosevelt has plenty. -Roosevelt has a pretty decent merit and aid-based scholarship program. -If you are a transfer student, there is no place better than RU when it comes to accepting transfer credits or accepting nontraditional students. -There is very little pretension at RU and there is likely to be little judgement over politics, religion, or academic record. -Roosevelt's Auditorium building is historically rich. +Black-out paint can still be seen on the intricate stained-glass windows in the building from when the school housed soldiers in WWII. +Al Capone was once arrested on the staircase inside the building. Gangster tours frequently stop in the building to point out the spot. +Prominent figures like Albert Einstein and Pearl Buck once served on Roosevelt's earliest advisory boards, stymied by the brave new precedent RU was setting for education. +Prominent alum from RU include: Politicians, Mayor Harold Washington, Congressman Mike Quigley, Congresswoman Melissa Bean, Congressman Bobby Rush and poet, Shel Silverstein.


I like that all the classes are located in just 2 buildings instead of a large campus


Many of the staff at the Theatre Conservatory either have worked or are currently working in the theatre business. Their first-hand knowledge about issues and ideas related to being an actor is invaluable, and they are by far one of the best faculties in the United States.


It is a school that provides a fresh outlook within a classic historical setting.


My School is Downtown Chicago in the heart of the city. It is different because it was savored for 2 cents back in the day now it is used for an education center. It is also a beautiful historical landmark. It has the 2nd best concert hall in the world. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the emphasis on deep thinking. It enlightens the human spirit.


There are a few things that are unique to my school. It is in the middle of a large city surrounded by other school. so it was very diverse


My school is very open-minded and has alot of different and diverse people who come from different bachgrounds and races but also the people i met have different opinions and ideas and views on things. I find it very interesting and it helps open you mind hearing these different ideas from people who are your peers.


I love the faculty in the Performing Arts college- they are personable and they really care about you and where you are going. You feel liked you are a part of a community of friends that you will work with for the rest of your life. Roosevelt really builds an ensemble and emphesizes the individual and not what they'll get out of you later--they really try to let you be yourself and they try to help you be the best YOU you can be. Other threatre programs really try to make you who they want you to be.


I like that it's in the heart of Chicago! It's a great school with great teachers.


It is a small school is a big city and i really like that.