Roosevelt University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I'm an actuarial science major so you can imagine I'm a member of math club. Math club is fun, you don't necessary have to be good at math in order to join the club. Whatever club you join there'll always meet friends event and that means free pizza and free drinks!!!! School SGA holds events weekly and those events going to bowling, museum, .... Etc free to join and you can find out from school weekly emails.


Roosevelt is a pretty social place, there are many lectures for example recently they had a series of lectures on wrongful convictions. The main sports team we have is basketball although sports are not super popular at Roosevelt. There are many organizations such as LGTBQ and Occupy. There is a huge performing arts part of school and so there are many concerts, musicals, and plays offered. I am personally involved in the Criminal Justice Society because Criminal Justice is my major. The dating scene is interesting because there are so many LGTBQ students. If you are not part of that group then many students either date other Roosevelt students or from other colleges that are close by like Columbia, Depaul and Robert Morris. Many Roosevelt Students are friends with other students from other colleges. My closest friends I met last year just through my classes, but I have a lot of friends that go to nearby schools. Often times you meet people through off campus parties which are a blast. As far as fraternities/ sororities are different here they are often directed towards bettering the community and are not as popular as the college town ones would be. Most kids such as myself go to the museums, shop, and travel to different parts of the city. Roosevelt is a great experience.


The most popular group is SPEED the student activity board. I myself am a member of Alpha Gamma Delta women's fraternity. There are student groups such as, student government, students for a responsible drug policy, the women's movement group, there is a multi cultural sorority and many other groups. There is something for everyone to join if they want to.


If you are coming to Roosevelt for the typical movie-style campus life...forget it. You won't find a mascot running around, huge turnout at sports events, or dozens of school-sponsored events on any given day. You will, however, be encouraged to go out into Chicago to find your own community and get involved. There is a student council and activities board that makes up the heart of what goes on at Roosevelt plus several active to semi-active student organizations. The size of the school makes the student council and activities board seem very "clique-y" while most student orgs struggle for members and resources. Do not expect huge on-campus activity. Many students live off-campus and interact socially with other Chicago-area schools like UIC, Loyola, Art Institute, Robert Morris, Columbia, and Depaul.