Roosevelt University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing would have to be the price. Roosevelt is a private university so it's a little higher than a state, or city college. I had to work and go to school to be able to pay my tuition.


I would say that it's really expensive. The education is worth it, but it's just too expensive. Also, the fact that they talk about social justice. I haven't seen anything around the university that shows social justice. I'm not saying that it's not there, I just haven't seen or experienced it.


The financial aid office is the biggest pain. Ever.


I have found that one of the worst situations at Roosevelt is the lack of scholarship opportunities. While I was able to hold a high GPA from a two-year college, the hard work has not translated into much financial support from the University except for the financial aid that I will probably have pay for for the next ten years of my life.


Some classes are only offered in a certain semester. This makes it very important to develop a plan to graduate in a timely fashion.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the lack of diversity. I would like to see a broader diversity.


Nothing really, except that tuition is quite high. I wish that since my gpa is so high I could qualify for a scholarship, also because I do not have many credit hours left to graduate (just over a year). I am struggling financially to pay for college, but do not want to leave it incomplete because I am an honors student and have worked so hard to get where I am.


The financial aid office can be slow in getting information out and sometimes their help isn't enough or they don't explain everything fully or clearly.


My school is a private school, the cost can be an issue.


It is really expensive and living in the city (student apartments) is also extremely expensive. A lot of people commute so it is hard to make friends and be part of a group at school. I wish we had sport teams. But I think they are trying to start that up.


The worst thing about my school the raising of tuition and no finacal aid to help the students.


There are two things about the school that bother me: the incredible amount of work, and the cost. I have to pay for my schooling entirely by myself, so the high tuition really bothers me. As far as the work load is concerned, we are blessed to have such a strong program, but it's a bit tough at times to balance an 18+ credit work load, and maintain a job to pay for the schooling.


The worst thing is the price. It is a private university therefore it is very expensive, about $9600 a semester.


i cant really say, i will just say the school is perfect.