Roosevelt University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Roosevelt University?


I really can't answer that because Roosevelt is a diverse school. So, I really can't say who can and can't attend the institution.


If you don't like big cities you shouldn't go here. Or if you don't like the cold.


Someone who isn't serious about their education. This school is costly and very student oriented, with a lot of focus on ensuring that we succeed.


A person who is worried about their life. Someone who is afraid and unwilling to attempt to do smething smart, daring, bold!


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Roosevelt is the kind of person that's lazy, doesn't have much work ethic, who is not used to a stringent curriculum, and someone that doesn't have the best grades unfortunately.


The class sizes are very small which I personally love. The professors are very friendly and knowledgable for the most part. I wasn't sure about going to this school at first, but I love it now. The student services, advising and financial aid offices aren't always helpful. My big gripe is that the classes I needed to graduate weren't offered every semester & now I have to graduate late. Overall though, if you want a small school with friendly people in an urban environment, this is a great school.


Someone who wants an impersonal experiance at college. The classes are small and professors know when your not there, but they can also help you on a one on one level more easily. This school isn't for someone that isn't serious about furthering their education.


The kind of person that shouldnt attend this school is someone who is looking for the ultimate college experience. Meaning they are looking for other students to be really involved and for there to be plenty of activities going on.


People who don't care about academics should avoid Roosevelt. It is a very academically focused school. Also, if you do not like community service then this is not the school for you. Anyone who does not like to commute should not attend Roosevelt University. And if you don't like attending school in a major metropolition area, then this is definatly not the school for you as it is in the heart of the Chicago loop.


A person looking for a traditional college experience typically found at a university. It is a small private college that seems to attract more older non-traditional students. Someone who wants to be involved with sports, very few sports programs are available at the school.