Roosevelt University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would first tell myself to do my homework before choosing my college. I wasn’t fully prepared for college. My plan wasn’t to go, so once I decided, I felt rushed, and behind. Next, I would tell myself to start looking for scholarships now, because financial aid is not enough. Working and going to school full time is hard. Finally, I would tell myself to just relax, and enjoy the experience. There’s no hurry, you don’t have to cram as many classes as you can in, in one semester. Go at your own pace, not the pace you think you’re supposed to be at, or where everyone else is.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell my younger self that college has its ups and its downs. But if there were no struggles then you wouldn't learn as much. College is not only about furthering your academic knowledge , but also you life knowledge. You learn so much more about yourself and how the world works than you ever could have in high school. I would tell myself not to worry as much because college is a transition that is necessary and there are so many people around that are just there to help if you need it. I would tell myself that college is important so don't take it lightly, but also don't go overboard and let it take over your life because you only care about your GPA. Focus on yourself too. Have free time to read, hang with freinds, and SLEEP! You'll do fine. Best of Luck


Experience as much as you can!! Don't be afraid to be yourself and do what you want. This is the time to find out who you really are. Meet as many people as you can and truly immerse yourself in the college world. While you have as much fun as possible, remember to work just as hard. It will help you once you graduate for sure.


Make sure you do well enough to earn as much scholarship money. Many of the friends you have now will not be as big of a part of your life as they are now; therefore, don't let your peers distract you from doing your best. Also, don't let anyone change who you are, because you're headed to a school with a non - judgemental environment, filled with students eager to succeed. PS. You will now get to explore your own city on a level of which you have never experienced before

Maria Teresa Angelica

You are blessed with good health -- just that should already be a motivation for you to work harder, aim higher. Do not take money, time, and most especially, your education for granted. You may think that you are young and have all the time in the world that you put off the important things like college. You may have gotten a job right now that enables you to earn money and help support your family at their time of need. But do not use this as an excuse to settle and be complacent. You can do so much more! You have the means to both work and go to school FULLTIME. You have so much potential in you as it has been reflected by your work. Don't waste it. You can serve your family and community much better if you just get the education that you need. Remember, always think long term. Learn to prioritize your goals and envision yourself in the future. Think of all your talents and abilities that you would've wasted if you don't capitalize them right now. Just do your best that you don't end up dwelling in what might have been.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell him to be on top of everything. Don't just sit around and wait for things to come to me. I should take initiative and do things on my own. Also, to talk to my professor(s) if I have any issues with my courses. That is what they are there for. Finally, don't wait till the last minute to get help because then it will be too late.


Study harder and focus more on homewok. It is important to be at the top of your class to receive scholarships and grants.


If I can go back in time I would tell myself to study even more and pay attention to the classes that I used to have. Also I would tell myself to apply on time instead of leaving everything to the last minute because that would only make things worse for me and the whole process would only slow me down. I would tell myself to seek for advice because college life is hard only if you do not have the right information at hand since I would always think I didn't need the help at all. College life for me at this moment is going pretty well because I have the right counselors that are guiding me at the right track. I wish I could have done this way back, instead of going back and forth, and trying to do everything on my own. I would change so many things in regards to college life and I would have tried to seek a lot of advice this is why I am planning to teach my baby sister everything that I now know so that she will not make the same mistakes that I have done.


Before you select a school explore somemore of your options. Find time during the summer and go to the school you are looking at not just guessing that it would be awesome.


I would tell myself not to fear the future and what is to come as much as I did because it all works out for the best and, for the most part, will give me experiences that I never thought was possible for me to have--ever. Moreover, I would like to tell myself that college ends up being a lot more beneficial than I could ever imagine because I'll be able to discover myself and enjoy that time discovering myself more than I ever had the experience to realize before/during highschool. Highschool definitely is not the end and is just a stepping stone for what is to come. I would also like to tell myself not to be afraid of things not working out they way I wanted them to and the fear of hitting rock bottom--a place that I had never been before--because getting back up and rediscovering who I was, am and who I'm aiming to be in the future, is the most satisfactory and awesome experience I will ever have because it will make me feel more knowledgable and more accomplished than what I had ever thought for myself.


If I could go back and talk to my senior self I would tell myself to be prepared for the worst. A lot has happened in the past nine months that have shaped me into an almost completly different person than I was. My sister, Amy, began to suffer from deep depression and almost commited suicide. I would also mention how bad money issues have gotten. Being able to tell myself about the future would've helped me prepare for the craziness that I've experienced. Craziness through my family and through the truely fearful cost of college tuition when you have no money. These events have made me a better person though. Things have gotten better, and they've given me a new appreciation for the things I have. I would also say to take more science/technical classes. As an economics/pre-med student I'll be taking a lot of them.


Don't bother applying to those state schools or schools with the stereotypical "college campus". You are a city girl. You belong in a big city. There's always new friends to be made and things to do. Be on the cross country team in the fall of freshman year, but don't do track. Don't take physics with Dr. White, because he's an awful professor. Join Alpha Phi Omega your freshman year, it's a blast.


I would tell myself to do things that make me happy. For a while I only did things to appease others, but I've finally realized that I am the one who has to live with my decisions and I only get one life to live. I would also tell myself not to stress out over the little things because eventually those all fall into place.


If i Could go Back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior,knowing what i know now about college life and making the transtions I would have put more effort in to school did more activites,attened college fairs and vounlenteer! When i was a senior in high school i really didn't have college on my mind i just wanted to finish school,i didn't take high school serious in till i got a taste of the real world and i knew i had to go to college in order to have a better life and provide for my eight month old son! going to college now i love it my grades are better than they were in highschool im more confident and i put effort into my work because i want a better future! being a single mother is hard, but i just want to make my son proud of me in too know that everyone deserves a second chance and that you can do anything if you just put your mind and time to it!


Had I been allowed to I would have remained in high school, and went on to persue my education in the medical field as as I did later in life things would have gone much smoother. The only regret I have was that I couldn't get my education earlier. I would tell anyone to persue your education early, make it a top priority. Life will go much better with a good foundation. Then you can build your dreams upon your skills. Your education is something you have earned that no one can take away.


The most important thing I would tell myself is to plan for the future. I would tell myself to take the time to actually investigate what options I have, pick one, and go to school NOW. I would say you can either decide to work using your brain or your back. Whichever one you decide you will be using for the majority of your working career. I would advise myself to wait to get married and to have a real means of supporting a household. I would enlighten my young self to the struggles of the real world and how much harder things can be if you're unprepared. I would convince myself that there really isnt a better option than pursuing more education and a better carreer as a result. Overall I would try to remove any doubts and fears about attending college. The final point I would drive home is the unlimited potential for sucess that is available if I'm willing to put in the effort and the joy that accompanies reaching my goals.


When I was A high school senior, I wasn't really to sure exactly what I wanted to go to college for. I knew that I wanted to attend a college close to home, and knew that I wanted to go into the medical field. I then attended a college where I was goin for A BSN as an RN, I then became pregnant and stayed in school until I had my daughter. I took off a semester where I then went back to school at a different college. I graduated from there with an Associates degree in science. I took the entry test for nursing and didn't do as well as I wanted. It was about two years later that I decided to go back to school, but this time I changed my major to a Surgical Technologist, and I love it. If I knew then, what i know now, I would have made sure that I knew exactly what I wanted to major in before I started school, and I would have not took off a semester after having my daughter, I would have puhed myself t the end.


If I could go back in time during my high school years as a senior, and knowing what Iam knowing now, I would have to say that I would have to choose college right after. During those times,I really didn't think about how long that it was going to take me to start and pay for school. Back then I did not understand how the payment process of tring to go to school will affect me. I had heard of the financial aid and scholarship s that were out there for me, but I did not have anyone to actually help understand on how the process goes. By then I already enrolled my self into the Army in 1997, having my life planned ahead ofr already. I enjoyed every minute of protecting my country. But something was just missing for me. During mt time in the service I never really had the opprutunity to enroll because I was so busy all the time from work. It's never too late to go to school. I had always admire to to become a nurse or a medical assistant. And now that I am in school, I'm Happy.


My name is Caroyn Hassell I am a high school graduate.


Though being a high school senior was not such a long time ago for me, since my start at university life, I feel like I view the world through different eyes, and would have so much to share with my past self. As far as what I know, I would let myself be surprised, but hint that so much would be learned about myself and the career that I want, and Roosevelt is the right place to help get the most out of my education. As far as making the transition, I would suggest saving while I can. When I was warned that college was expensive, I didn't take those words as seriously as I should have. I would tell myself that I would be alone as far as money goes and would not have the emotional and financial support of those around me, and I have to be strong and persistent enough on my own to make it through the years to come, but that the reward of a great education is incomparable to any dollar amount and heartache associated with family betrayal. Be strong, and have faith in yourself would be the greatest words spoken to myself.


If I could speak with my self as a high school senior, I would first start by telling her that she needs to take math seriously. While the excuses may have worked in high school, if she wants to succeed to the best of her abilities in College, retaining her mathematical skills are essential. Next, I would tell her to start search from a Federal Work Study job as soon as she had the means to do so. Being ignorant of the fact that jobs were taken quickly, would mean that many of the supplies she needed would have to wait till I had accumulated enough money to do so. Lastly, I will tell her to love who she is and stand firm in what she believes in. Despite what others may or may not think, it is her life and she should be the only one who should affected her future outcomes.


Going into my sophmore year of college, I feel extraordinarily more prepared for the academic year than I did when I was a freshman. If I had the chance to go back and give myself advice as a high school senior, the most important thing I would suggest would be to start creating and utilizing tutor and extra academic help resources now because those types of services become very vital in college in order to really be successful in college courses. I would suggest developing skills in order to better adapt living with strangers and the different lifestyles that we are all accustomed to living. Although being involved on campus can be extremely beneficial by building relationships and establishing networks throughough the univeristy, I would warn myself not to become overly involved where I become consumed in extracurriculars and as a result become more destracted from my academic work. Reflecting upon these changes now has better prepared me for the upcoming year where I am sure that I will learn and experience situations differently to only grow each year after.


Apply for more scholarships.


If I were able to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell "myself" to never give up. The transition from high school to college is extremely challenging. Most individuals have no idea what to do after they receive their diploma and I was no different. Plus, kids living in dorms may have never lived outside of their parents' domain for a long period of time. So this is when I would mention to my past-self that the passions that have ignited my spirits throughout my life must not become part of the collateral damage that can develop in college due to social pressures. And that the social pressures will need to be faced "head on" as a representation of real life experiences and future obstacles. "This is the time to shine, my friend!"


I have developed an appreciation for knowledge. Education is very important. I grew up with very little motivation to learn. Neither of my parents went to college, and my father didn't go to any type of school. I want to make my family proud. I have four siblings and I want to give them a role model. I talk to them about what they want to do. I try to keep them focused on school. I stopped going to school for a while. I couldn't get a decent job, so I decided to go back. I learned that life can be tough. I know that getting an education is very rewarding, both emotionally and financially.


School has always been extremely important to me. I am currently studying to be an Elementary Education and Special Education Teacher. I transferred to Roosevelt University in the spring of 2010 into the Education Program and loved it. I have had several opportunities to be placed in classrooms to experience hands-on classroom training with amazing teachers. I have learned so many valuable classroom management/behavior, organization, personal organization, and situational strategies from my experiences through Roosevelt University that I will take with me into my future classrooms for the rest of my career life. Also, this University has many professors that are beyond highly qualified for their jobs and are able to provide their students with personal experiences that I have come to find tremendously helpful. My experience in college at Roosevelt University is very valuable to me and I strongly believe that my experiences, extensive work hours, and hard work will go along way in not only my future as a teacher, but also for my future students and coworkers.


my college experience isnt like most. i am attending a great school in one of the best cities in he world. i go to school where the lake is only a few minutes away. i meet new people everyday. it is also a great way for me to start off my career because the city is where i need to be for my major. i love the student teacher ratio and all that roosevelt has to offer. we just started sports and all the new an exciting spirit from our school is nice to see.


College has been a big difference from high school. In High School it was easy to put things off until the last minute, because sometimes the work could be done in a few hours. In college that is not as easily done. The college professors expect projects and papers to be completed with college level writing, which means you will possibly need a few drafts and somebody to look it over before you complete your final draft. In college it's also different being able to make your own decisions while being away from your parents. Each day you will wake up and choose what you will do instead of following what you are told to do; you can go to class or not go to class, in college no one is on you about completing things. This can hurt you or help you; If you come into colllege prepared it will help you, such as what my parents and high school has done for me, prepared me for being independent and making my own choices in college.


My college experience has taught me the deep value of education. Had I not chosen to attend college after I graduated high school; I know I wouldn't be the same person I am today. I have met several good people as a part of my experience as a college student and have also learned the value of professionalism and punctuality. Personally, the way I look at myself and the way I view others has also changed dramatically.


My college experience has been worth every minute so far. I have learned you have to try and put one hundred and ten percent in your school work to be able to reach your goals in having a seccessful career. It has shown me to value my education and strive to do my best everyday.


Attending college has taught me how to work hard, do well and make my dreams come true. Through talking with knowledgeable professors and eager students, I have been able to make great connections and network with like-minded people. As a child, I dreamt of getting a career in the music field and because of my education, I'm finally beginning to live that dream. My professors helped inspire me to create my own music promotions company, which has become a true blessing for me as I greatly enjoy caring for my musician clients. I truly feel I have grown the most as a person through my years in college. It was in college that I truly figured out who I was as a person and began truly loving to learn and there's really no other experience in my life that I can say has made me feel that way except for embarking on my quest for my degrees. I will never forget how hard I worked in college, especially all the nights spent cramming for tests, writing endless pages for papers, and completing projects! Those experiences all lead me to my happiness today.


I've gotten a clear, fresh, and exciting perspective of life. I was given some of the best times, experiences, and opportunities of my life, and they are now priceless. Who I am now would be inconceivable to the person I was.


I have gotten out of my college experience a sense of responsiblity and learned how to manage my time better.


As I have faced the curve balls that life has thrown at me, my education has been more off than on. Finally I have gotten a break and am going to swing at this chance for a home run. In the time that I haven't been in school, I have learned that it is important to keep learning and that it is possible to do so. I am going to run full tilt around the benchmarks that are a formal education and in the process teach my children to never give up on a dream, education is important and requires effort, work and fun. After surviving a strike and several ball attempts at coming back to school, I have found the perfect degree and the best way for me to achieve my dreams and help make them reality. The last thing I hope to get is a homerun in being debt free and a career that I love with time to spend with the family.


I'm pursuing a career in medical so i can help people and make a difference.


Roosevelt University has taught me that I am a valuable member of society and that I can do anything I put my mind to. It has taught me that success is possible no matter what, and that I can do anything I put my mind to. The professors that I have had at this school have helped mold me into a better person and continue to guide and mentor me along the process of getting my college degree. I feel as though this school, along with it's wonderful professors and warm, loving family-like environment, has shown me that school is so much more than high school and that college is not as bland as it can be made out to be. Earning your college degree can actually be a pleasurable experience, even with the dreaded finals and studying, and this school has taught me that it is okay to be who I am because I have people who will support me no matter what. In a lot of ways, the student body and faculty of Roosevelt University have been the family that I never had. I love my school. I wouldn't trade it for the world.


I have made the decision to return to school due to being seriously injured at my workplace. Since then I have discovered my potential of learning and my inner strength`s to overcome odds that have tried to be an obstacle. I have received a multitude of education so far, and I have done this while recovering from a serious spinal laminectomy and fusion surgery. I have more medical procedures upcoming and I intend on being a full time student. The staff at ECC has given me the resources and the encouragement to fulfill my dreams. I have already been named to the Dean`s list, which is evidence of the excellence in achievement from this institution and how they pride their school in improving people`s lives through learning. As I continue the path to higher learning I will continue to validate that ECC emphasizes both access and excellence.


What I have gotten out of my college experience so far is that you will always continue to learn everyday of your life and each day is a new lesson learned. I love what I have to learn and what is to come my way in life and college has open my eyes to the greater things in life, that I don't think I would have gotten if I wouldn't have gone to school and just started working right out of high school. College is a experience of a life time I wouldn't trade it for anything I have meet people who I will be friends with for a long time, and maybe one day even be coworkers with.


I have gotten a great education so far an acess to an amazing internship. I have also gained many friends and great experiences.


Throughout my college exprience, I have learned that an education is expensive but at the same time, very priceless. College teaches you how to interact with all kinds of people from many different walks of life. In today's society, this is extremly important, as most jobs require you to work with many different departments full of many different people and personalities. One of the keys to being successful, in my opinion, is being able to deal with all kinds of people. In the beginning of my college career, I took for granted the opportunity to just go to school and learn, as I did more socializing and partying than anything. Now that I am a single mother who works fulltime and goes to school fulltime in the evenings, I appriciate the opportunity even more. Having a degree makes all the difference in the world between you and the next applicant and your income. I have learned many valuable skills that have allowed me to excel above the rest of my friends and family that have not gone to college and I am thankful for that. I hope to inspire those around me to go the same and attend college.


I would tell myself that peer pressure does not matter and what matters more is how well I do academically. I would tell myself to ask more questions because there is no such thing as a wrong question. I would also advice myself that a good gpa is not everything because what matters more is whether or not you graduate because when you have a college degree you have a much better chance of getting a highly paid job. When I was in college, I worked full-time and took evening classes. It was not easy, yet I managed to maintain an excellent gpa as well as an excellent reputation at work. I always had a positive attitude and kept moving on which is got me so far. I have my mother and sister to thank, because they are excellent role models. We immigrated to this country in 1996, all we had was 6 suitcases, but now my sister has an accounting degree from UIC, I have two associate degrees from Harper and taken many classes at UIC and Roosevelt University. My mother, sister and I did odd jobs to make ends meet and lived from paycheck to paycheck.


When you get to college, don't just sit in your room all the time. I know it's a scary experience, but go out there and start getting to know your classmates! I'm not in any way saying to become best friends with everyone you meet, and you don't even have to like all of them, but AT LEAST GET TO KNOW THEM, and respect them for the work that they are doing. If you spend all of your time in the dorm room pining for your high school friends or wishing you knew more people or that your family was closer, then you're going to miss out on the opportunity to make new lasting friendships that you'll carry with you throughout your life.


The advice I would give myself is I would go into college as soon as I graduate high school. I would tell myself that I should care more about myself and my studies. I would get the best possible grades and participate in as much activities as possible. I would tell myself not to quit when things get to tough because the outcome would be great for my future.


If I had a chance to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would scream to myself that Education is the key. It took me almost five years after my high school career ended to know that not only did I want to return to school, but that I wanted to return to school to become a teacher. I truly believe that Education is the one tool that can make a difference in someones life. It is the one thing that can fulfill ones life. With out an Education life is so limited. Having an Education is something that no one can ever take away from you and it is something that is never ending. If I were to go back I would enforce this mentality into my Eighteen year old mind. Pointing out that all the classes I once deemed as silly and unnecessary are indeed very necessary. My hope is to be not only a life long Educator but a life long learner.


I would tell myself to seek as much help as possible or available. Being the first person in my family to attend college, I faced many difficulties because no one in my household knew about the process of applying to colleges or for financial aid. I would tell myself not to be ashamed or embarassed to seek help. Staying quiet and trying to do everything by myself was a very stressful period for me. Don't let pride get in the way. Lots of people need help and that is why there are resources available. Trying to do everything yourself can lead to mistakes, whether small or large, they affect and prolong the process and increase stress. Ask teachers, friends, go on the internet and look for help. Applying to colleges and for financial aid is stressful enough and trying to do everything by yourself only makes the experience worse. When you seek help, the experience becomes less stressful and you even begin to enjoy it because it doesn't fell like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. As with any other major decision in life, we need to seek help, resources and advice.


There are many things i would do diferently in my senior year of high school. One of the main things i would do differently as a senior in high school would be to take scholarship opportunities more serious. I found later that i needed scholarships and i didnt put enough energy into learning about different grants and scholarships that were available to me. Another thing i would do differently as a senior in high school is not put all my eggs in one basket. I regret not exploring other schools. By putting all my hopes on one school i closed off alot of great opportunities.




There comes a time in someones life when you have to start caring about something. That time is not far off the horizon, in fact the time may be nearer than you'd hoped. I know that you have the passion and the desire necessary to succeed but you need to invest in the discipline and the effort that you would so obviously ignore. Know who you are in this world and keep steadfast to that knowledge and you won't falter too easily!


I would advise myself of the following. First of all, study as much as possible. There will be times when you want to go out to bars or to party, but you need to find a balance between academics and a social life. It is important in college that you make friends and most of those friends will be there for a long time, but you need to able to tell them when you can hang out with them and when you cannot. It is okay to find out new experiences with friends, but it is also equally important to find out new experiences by yourself. It might feel weird, but you might find people that like the same thing as you. When you begin to live on your own, you may want to not stay in contact with the family, but you should. Your family, especially your parents, are going to be there for you no matter what.


I think that I would tell myself that no matter what, pick a plan and stick with it. When I was younger I was trying to prove to people that I didn't need school to be successful. I shouldn't have stayed out of school for so long because it is what I was excpected of me. I guess that is what happens when your a head strong teenager and fight with anyone. I would also tell myself to listen to you heart and go because ultimatly, its for you anyway. The last thing that I would tell myself is that there is no sure things in life. Your life takes roads to other things all the time. I was suppose to be training as a musican. I have found another passion in my life that forfills me more then even music did. So, keep your eyes open for other things. It might just change your life!