Roosevelt University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

Maria Teresa Angelica

The only thing I am a little worried about is the availability of classes. Some classes would only have one schedule available which doesn't always fit in with the rest of the class schedules you've already made.


The teachers were frustrating to me and the assignments were just confusing and sometimes I thought the teacher didn't know what he was doing


There is a very limited availibilty of classes.


Many students that attend Roosevelt University (Schaumburg Campus) are adults going back to school to get their degree. There are a lot of required group projects, in which make it difficult to complete when placed in groups with adults who have schedules that do not only revolve around them but also their families.


The lack of athletics which would usually bring a University together, and Roosevelt does not have that.


This is the first semester that I am going to Roosevelt University. I have not run into anything with the staff there. I think the most frustrating thing is the scheduling and travel time between my work and school. I have to run from school and then to work and school again and it has to be done on the bus. Right now, that is the most frustrating thing.


Because it is a smaller private university there are not a lot of different sections offered for each class. Many of the classes are only offered once a year. This is frustrating for me because I am trying to complete my degree in the shortest amount of time possible, but because of the limited class offerings I have had to extend my time at Roosevelt.


I attend a community college in Tallahassee and expected the same atmosphere I would find at a normal four year institute. Through the past few years, the college has diminished despite the schools best efforts to provide a mature and comfortable learning environment. It has become nearly impossible for me to walk through campus without being harrassed or find a quiet place to study. All of the study areas are over croweded with loud, ignorant people with complete lack of common curtasy. This is very discouraging to me, it makes me not eager to attend classes or ask for help.


There is very little student life, particularly sports. For example, there are only intramural sports and no sports arena or university-owned playing fields.


The money situation is what is most frustrating about Roosevelt. It's hard to get scholarships once you are in the Performing Arts programs and push for money as much as you can when you sign on, because the fact is you may not get an increase in later years because they're giving it all to the freshmen. Always be insistant and consistant in what you want and stay on top of what you've paid and have not paid so that there are no questions or unwanted fees later.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the bureaucratic system, if you are looking for help in the wrong department then you are not assisted very well.


First impressions are EVERYTHING.


The most frustratign thing about Roosevelt University is that there is very little student involvement; the students go to the campus, go to class, and then leave campus and don't really participate in extra-curricular activities.


the most frustrating thing is that other student (especially upperclessmen) are not very friendly or helpful to the new students and i find it somewhat difficult to meet people and make friends