Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A fast paced and supportive achedemic engineering schedule, with opportuinities to help and get help all along the way.


A college for young adults to find there passion in the field of Math and Science while having a little fun on the way.


The school that will push your boundaries of knowledge to the edge and allow you to reach unexpected heights, it has been voted the number one engineering school for 13 years running.


A great environment with a good staff and a great place to get an education based on class difficulty, class size, material covered, and opportunities for help.


This school has a 6:1 ratio of guys to girls.


My school is a very close group; we consider each other family, and are willing to help each other out like family would.


Amazing engineering school for those who want to succeed and are willing to put in the work


Rose-Hulman cares about it students and wants to see them succeed.


Rose-Hulman has a great community.