Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and have a conversation with myself, I would urge myself to keep trying my very best. It is so easy to get burnt out after highschool. The transition from highschool to college was most difficult for me because I was finally able to say that I was done with school however at the same time I could not celebrate this accomplishment. After highschool students are rushed into strange campuses with completely different people, into cramped conforming dorm rooms, and are expected to handle the financial burden of the decision to attend this strange and scary school. All of these changes discouraged me from trying my hardest and really threw me off my game academically speaking.


I would advise myself not to slack off my senior year and do as good as I possibly could to try and recieve more scholarship money. I would also tell myself that college is not easy so don't just try and scrape by, but do the work consistantly and never give up.


When i was in high school i thought college was impossible. I knew my parents had no money for my education so i didnt even try. I would go back and tell myself to find scholarships, grants, loans or whatever i could find to go college. I would tell myself to do anything and everything i could cause a college education is the most important thing you can have in your life and its the only thing that will take you places.


I would tell myself to rethink the path I went down and choose a different school. I would tell myself to study in a liberal arts program at the community college. With that known, I would have chosen a different career path, a career paath that I would have liked from the start.


If I could go back and talk to myself I would say dont count yourself out of any scholarship race take the time and apply. If you have bad spending habbits get it together because being alone will make you grow up quickly. I would also tell myself dont be so bent on being alone not being told what to do because once your on your own you will wish you had a little guidance from your parent(s). I would tell myself to develop better study habits because test weigh in. Most of all I would just say cherrish every moment because when its time to grow its time to grow. COLLEGE IS NOT A PARTY!!! It is real and you can be dismissed. Just be yourself.


I would have to tell myself that I am from the future and have lived life for 15 years after graduation. Life is hard at best and without a college education you will get no where. Self, you are ready for college and I urge you to go now. You could have had a doctorate in anything of your choice by now, but instead I am currently working on my first associates degree. I know that you want to be a nurse and you think science is not your forte but you can do it. You can have different instructors than in high school and college wants you to succeed. They will be there for you if you have questions regarding the material. There are tutors available if you need them. As a paying student your success is imperative to them. If you fail, they fail. You can choose your instructors based on your experience with that instructor or based on reputation through other students and awards that teacher has obtained. Everyone around you will soar with success and leave you forgotten in the dust. Go to college now and save yourself the embarrasment of the lack of success.


Dont Slack off and go to class take nothing for granted and you will do your best.